Screen Flickering

I got my Framework 13 on Monday. Windows 11. Bios 03.03. From the second I turned it on the screen was flickering badly. Even after checking for updates and restarting twice. It was unusable it was so bad. I emailed support Monday night and sent them videos of the issue. After 2 full business days I haven’t heard from them. I was having buyers remorse. Out of desperation I turned it back on just now and the flickering is gone! Could this be due the cold weather during delivery? It was on my porch for an hour or so and it was a cold Wisconsin USA day. I did leave it inside for about 6 hours before turning it on. It had warmed up before I turned it on later that night. Should I be concerned there’s a bigger issue and concerned about them not responding to my email yet?

Current turnaround is 3-4 days. They’ll most likely get back to you tomorrow.

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Thank you. The email said to expect delayed response tomorrow and Friday due to holiday. So I won’t hold my breath in until next week. In the meantime, I will hope it continues to work.

I hope so too! Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds like it is time to settle down beside a good fire, with some turkey and mulled wine, while working … :smiley: :smiley:

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I’m having the same Issue. I’d be surprised if it was related to cold weather. I picked my laptop up directly from the fedex office, and the weather has been fine here. It’s a intermittent issue for me. Sometimes the screen will flicker lightly or not at all. Other times the screen will flicker violently and is completely unusable. I tried re-seating the screen connections and making sure the cable isn’t pinched but that hasn’t helped. I contacted support as well but if you do get any updates please let me know.

I agree, it was not the cold weather. The issue started up again. They had me remove the bezel and the issue persisted. They also had me see if it happened in the bios and it did not. I was asked to send them pics of the removed display cable and after taking the pics and re-seating the display cable, the issue went away completely. So it appears it was related to the display cable not being properly seated. I will say that support took a few days to respond to me initially. Once they responded it was a lot of back and forth emails with me often getting a response when I was ready for bed. So it was cumbersome process but in the end they were professional and helpful. Hope you get resolution soon!