DIY bottom frame replacement?

Hi! I’m new here, not sure if this is the place for it, but I’ll throw it out anyways. I consider myself a bit of a poweruser, and I like my ports. More the better. While I do like the concept of the expansion cards, I feel like there could be more done. Would it be possible, if likely annoying, to replace the entire bottom plate with a thicker case containing as much IO as possible? For instance, would it be possible to take one of the many USB-C multi-hubs and mount its PCB in a custom enclosure to simulate built in IO? Could the same be done with a 10gig ethernet adapter? A disk drive? 2.5 inch SATA storage? An LTE modem, such as in this post: LTE Cat 4 Cell Modem Card? Heating would likely be an issue, so possibly some 40mm Noctua fans could be added to improve airflow. Obviously this would throw any notion of thin and / or light out the window, but it might be worth it for the connectivity, at least for me. Any thoughts?


I second that idea/proposal to be able switching out the bottom frame (or at least adding another bottom layer for more connectivity or opportunities.