DIY more expensive?

As i was configuring my DIY edition, I wanted to see how it would compare to one of Framework’s prebuilt. Even though I decided to don’t have a storage option, it was roughly the same price as the “performance” model that includes a 500gb SSD.

Upon closer inspection, a similarly spec’ed DIY is 120€ more expensive than the performance laptop.

I don’t really get how this is possible. I understand that the OEM license of Windows is less expensive, but the license retails for 145€, making the OEM license costing -25€ if that was the only difference …
It’s a problem for me, as I would like to customize the ram and bring my own storage. But it’s literally more economical to buy the performance and change the SSD, since I’ll have a 512gb SSD basically for free. But I don’t get the RAM I would like (I want single stick to upgrade later to 32gb)

I can only put a single image, so here’s a DIY without a SSD, at a whapping … 6€ cheaper than performance (500gb SSD included, same extensions) :

(6€ for 500gb of SSD storage is one very attractive deal, since the cheapest Kington SSD i could find retails for 59.99€)

I recall that in the beggining the DIY edition was supposed to be cheaper because less assembly required by the manufacturer.

I think there is an issue somwhere, but can’t really find what’s wrong.
Maybe the charger should be included with the DIY edition and you can save by not taking it ? An entry level 500gb SSD costing 60€, that would make sense.
Anyway, if anyone has any explanation to why a DIY is so much more expensive than a prebuilt, I’m interested !

Without software.

It’s cheaper to have a factory build at little extra cost for the assembly than having people pack individual items with the associated fall out ~ maybe ?

It usually the case.

Buying 10 x 500g or rice is more costly that 1 x 5K
Two 25ml individual glasses of rum is more than a double.

In each case it requires more labour and more packaging.

Labour is the cost plus a little for packaging

A double shot

I know of economy of scale, but between :

  • Taking a SSD and putting it in a box
  • Taking a SSD, Opening the packaging, installing it in a computer by a trained technician, closing the laptop and putting the laptop in a box

There is one that takes far more work to do.

So yes, there are some economy of scale by just doing prebuilt, but it shouldn’t cost double ! If not including a SSD allowed for half the price of the SSD, i would have understood, but the thing here is that it is cheaper for me to buy a complete laptop and upgrade it rather than using the option to not have the drive included and bring my own.

I am probably going to order the performance edition, and upgrade the SSD to a 2tb model, and sell the 500gb SSD included with the laptop or keep it for my future build.

If i’m writting all this, it’s because I think a mistake has been made somewhere, either in the translation to french or in general.
For example, I’m surprised that the charger is included with the Performance edition, but costs extra for DIY. And it feels super weird because it costs 50€, and it is what I would expect to be saving by not taking the SSD. So maybe it should be a “do not include a charger and save 50€” option for the DIY ?

It feels to me like there is an issue somwhere, hence my post. I am not trying to save the cost of an SSD, just making sure that this is normal and not something that was missed at some point.

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There is also a slight difference between the storage, wifi card, and maybe the ram between the DIY and prebuilt- the latter uses less bleeding edge OEM parts im pretty sure.

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The main difference is that the DIY edition contains a standalone Windows license while the non-DIY edition has the Windows license coupled to the mainboard

The DIY Windows license can be moved to a different PC without problem, that might not always the case with the bundled version.