Do I need a special charging cable to charge full rate and USB hub/dock suggestions

Hello everyone:

Finally got my Framework DIY last week. Do I need a special USB cable to use something like the ANKER 65W (link to amazon). I saw some other people were having their battery deplete while using their machine full out.

I’m also looking for a USB C hub/dock but I still have some legacy USB A devices like my 10 year old laser printer, scanner, and kinesis keyboard and trackball. So like 5 USB A ports. Any suggestions? I’m willing to get the 20V power supply also if needed.

I’d like to be able to have all of them on one dock. Though I could get a USB-A 4 or 6 way. Ideally I want to do the magsafe mod that is on a different thread and the 3D print USB module to mount it.

Yes, you do need a special USB-PD cable capable of handling at least 60W. Just USB-PD, 60W or more. The best, and also most expensive, will be USB-IF certified, but those are rare.

In regards to docks, check out this thread:

Thank you @Fraoch.
Ok then the cable is probably the issue I am having now.

I did look at most of that list. I am trying to avoid spending 1/4 to 1/3 of the laptop on a dock. It looks like I will need to chain a USB C hub to a USB A Hub to get what I want/need.

And what I find extremely irritating is that USB-C cables have no markings on them (unlike Ethernet cables) indicating what they are suitable for (data and/or PD). I have such a bunch of cables now that I cannot remember which is which.


Here’s a hub that’s similar to mine that has 5 USB ports and is fairly economical:

There are LOTS of hubs out there, you should be able to find one with 5 USB ports at a reasonable price.


This is regarding the charging protocol

To extend this query here, before I ask support officialy. Do you know if the PD cables are smart cables with a chip generally and if the one provided by Framework has a chip.

I thought the PD negotiation was done from device to charger and hence any well build dumb cable would do. However I had just been told by a ‘computer’ repair shop that the cable does some of the negotiation.

Confirmation that the Framework-supplied cable has an e-marker chip and is capable of 100W power delivery:

and that every cable should be capable of 60W, but that you need an e-marked cable to deliver more than 60W:

Thanks for confirming it has a chip, but does it effect charging i.e. is it part od the negotiating protocol.

For example I can use the supplied cable to charge my QC3 phone, from a PD|PPS USB C but have a problem charging the Framework via a chipped multi-protocol cable. I’m hopeing it is related to the flawed 3.09 BIOS but am reluctant to do further checks.

I’ve downgraded to 3.07 and am waiting for the cable makers to give me the go-ahad as I have trashed 4 cables since 3.09 at £20 each :frowning:

I don’t know if you’re willing to go the used market, but that’s one way that you can really save a buck by looking for used Dell docks such as the WD15, KA16A, WD19, etc.

Much like used Xeon CPUs, these older enterprise products tend to flood the used market after a few years and amusingly can end up cheaper than consumer equivalents.

At the very least I can recommend the ebay seller “techxorg” which absolutely bent-over backwards for me when dealing with the issues I had (was sent a 65w PSU but I needed 125w for power delivery so they sent it free) including the return process for my unit that had faulty ethernet - speaking of which, just note that they don’t test their units other than confirming that they power on and, if you require a 125w PSU, be sure to ask before putting in your order (or make a “best offer” and include it in your note; maybe mentioning that ebay user “redvanredtbird” referred you? That’s me BTW).

Just be wary that Dell does some lame vendor lock-in whereby it requires a Dell-branded charger just to power them when connected via type-C; also note that you’ll need a 100+w Dell charger for power delivery.

(and to clarify, the WD15 I had would power its USB type-A port when plugged into the wall using a 95w universal charger with the type-C connection disconnected; as soon as I plugged in the type-C connection the dock would turn off unless I used an actual Dell PSU - even if it were just a 65w Dell PSU, though 65w would only power the dock and not do USB power delivery)