USB-C/Thunderbolt Dock Megathread

Are you looking for a Thunderbolt/USB-C dock for your Framework laptop? This wiki entry will provide a list of docks the community has tried and tested.

Adding to these entries
Please look for the following things when adding devices to this list:

  • Wattage. Docks must provide at least 60W to charge the laptop. If the dock provides greater than or equal to 60W, then it passes this criteria.
  • Port Compatibility. Please test all ports on your dock to ensure they work as expected. If a port does not work, please make note of this in the notes section. This note may be removed by future reviewers if it is found the issue has been rectified by the manufacturer.
  • OS Compatibility. Most will list Windows and MacOS out of the box, but please make a note if you find that a particular OS is not compatible.
  • Driver Requirements. Some docks require proprietary drivers. If this is the case, please make note of this and provide a link to download the driver.
  • Cost. Due to the fluctuation in costs (and the inability for us to provide a live price), please do not mark down prices. Allow users to go to the vendors to view this price for themselves.

Supported Docks

This table is provided for and maintained by the community. Inclusion in this table does not constitute endorsement by Framework Computer, Inc. Framework Computer, Inc. is not liable for any damage caused to your laptop by use or misuse of these docks and you do so at your own risk.

Name Model Number Vendors Contributing Users Notes
First entry goes here

Unsupported Docks

Name Model Number Vendors Contributing Users Notes
First entry goes here

Format Table

Inclusion in this table does not denote compatibility or lack thereof. Please do not edit this table unless contributing to the table format specification.

Name Model Number Vendors Contributing Users Notes
Name of the dock, such as how it appears in the product listing. For some listings, such as where the model number is part of the name, just listing the manufacturer is fine. If the dock has a serial number (major brands do), include it here so it can be searched for on other sites. Provide links to vendors here. Please remove remove any tracking arguments from URLs first, such as the ones included with Amazon URLs. See ClearURLs for a plugin that does this for you. Tag users who contributed to testing if a device is compatible. Feel free to add yourself here if you have also tested this dock. List any relevant compatibility notes here, such as if an unsupported dock will be supported in the future or if a supported dock requires a certain OS or driver to function properly.
Dell WD19TB Amazon, NewEgg, MicroCenter @Foxtrek_64 Sample Entry.

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