Do I need a special charging cable to charge full rate and USB hub/dock suggestions

Hello everyone:

Finally got my Framework DIY last week. Do I need a special USB cable to use something like the ANKER 65W (link to amazon). I saw some other people were having their battery deplete while using their machine full out.

I’m also looking for a USB C hub/dock but I still have some legacy USB A devices like my 10 year old laser printer, scanner, and kinesis keyboard and trackball. So like 5 USB A ports. Any suggestions? I’m willing to get the 20V power supply also if needed.

I’d like to be able to have all of them on one dock. Though I could get a USB-A 4 or 6 way. Ideally I want to do the magsafe mod that is on a different thread and the 3D print USB module to mount it.

Yes, you do need a special USB-PD cable capable of handling at least 60W. Just USB-PD, 60W or more. The best, and also most expensive, will be USB-IF certified, but those are rare.

In regards to docks, check out this thread:

Thank you @Fraoch.
Ok then the cable is probably the issue I am having now.

I did look at most of that list. I am trying to avoid spending 1/4 to 1/3 of the laptop on a dock. It looks like I will need to chain a USB C hub to a USB A Hub to get what I want/need.

And what I find extremely irritating is that USB-C cables have no markings on them (unlike Ethernet cables) indicating what they are suitable for (data and/or PD). I have such a bunch of cables now that I cannot remember which is which.


Here’s a hub that’s similar to mine that has 5 USB ports and is fairly economical:

There are LOTS of hubs out there, you should be able to find one with 5 USB ports at a reasonable price.