Do mainboards from the marketplace come with screws?

If I were to buy a mainboard from the marketplace, I would likely want to keep my old mainboard as a desktop by using the 3D printed case from Framework or any community alternatives.

However, to get my old mainboard into the 3D printed case, I assume I would also need 5 screws like I do on the laptop. Do new mainboards come with these screws, or do I need to obtain them separately? If I do need to obtain them on my own, how would I do so?

Additionally, I have seen some reviewers attaching antennas to their 3D printed Framework mainboard enclosures for WiFi/Bluetooth. Where can I obtain these antennas/what are the measurements for them?

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Good question - although the screws are extensively documented, they’re hard to find. Fasteners Guide - Framework Guides

You need MHF4 connectors but any antennas for WiFi/Bluetooth should work:

Probably best to get an MHF4 to reverse SMA cable and an SMA antenna (search and you’ll see various sensitivites in dBi - larger ones are more sensitive).

You might also be seeing a USB wireless adapter with large external antennas:

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Thank you for supplying links to the antennas/cables, that’s super helpful!

It’s unfortunate that the screws are so difficult to find. I tried looking around the internet for a while but I couldn’t find any. I’m hoping that new mainboard either come with the screws or they add an option to include them since they would be necessary to still use both a new and old mainboard.

The issue is that the screws have very specific dimensions and it’s hard to find exact matches - for the motherboard it’s an “M1.6 1.5mm fastener with a 5.5mm diameter, 0.6mm thick T5 head”.

But if you are not using it in a Framework bottom cover, you don’t have to respect the height or the head, just the diameter. So any M1.6 screw will work, it just won’t sit flush if it’s longer than 1.5mm - you need washers or a deeper threaded socket. A 5.5mm diameter head or washer would spread the load though.


I recently built a super-DIY Framework using only components from the marketplace (meaning I still dont have a battery, grr!) I wound up with a complete Framework minus the SSD and RAM that I already had. I wonder how warranty works in this situation…

Unfortunately, three vital sets of screws were missing: the four screws that hold the display to the Top Cover Kit, the five screws that hold the motherboard to the Bottom Cover Kit, and the four screws that hold the hinges (already attached to the Top Cover Kit) to their attach points on the Bottom Cover Kit. If one were to buy the discrete components instead of the kits (speaker, webcam, etc) those would likely be missing too but I can’t say for certain.

Long and short of it, no, the Mainboard (disclaimer: 11th gen) does not currently ship with screws. And yes, the worst ones to find are specifically the M1.6 wafer head motherboard screws. I ordered some from a merchant called MetricScrews, but the head was only 4mm wide so not wide enough to actually hold anything down, so I’ve ordered some longer M1.6 wafer screws and washers that arrive tomorrow.


Thank you for your answer, as well as for a vendor that carries screws! It would be nice if the screws could also be purchased from the marketplace, but I assume there are some logistical messes there preventing it from happening.

The answer to “screws in Marketplace?” comes up in this post:

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I wonder if any of the iFixit sets would have what’s needed, or maybe we can petition them to put together a complete set of Framework screws.

Does bottom cover kit come with motherboard screws?

Ok framework support confirms the screws are not included in the bottom cover kit. This is pretty unfortunate.

I’ve also asked for screws, but I totally get why they can’t ship such a small product as it would probably be sold at a loss.

@ParticleCannon I’d reach out to support if you haven’t already, they love project like these and will probably try to process you a battery and some screws manually!

Love the idea of an ultra DIY! :blush:

@ParticleCannon any chance you can link to the exact screws you bought? I’m trying to do a DIY build in the 3D printed case as well and can’t find them anywhere! Looked on MetricScrews (thanks for that tip!!) and found these two options. Are these what you ordered by chance? Really wish I could get them with the T5 head… but beggers can’t be choosers.

M1.6x2 Nickel Wafer Head Machine Screw #21082
M2 Large OD Black Oxide Flat Washer #20699

You need a larger headed M1.6, which is only available at 2mm length and up. Some of that extra length is eaten up by the washer. This may or may not work for your 3d printed application but tolerances seem OK in the Framework case.

The one I linked is just small by half a mm on the head diameter right? Could I just add the washer to that one?

fwiw i took apart few dead HDs and they had lots of wide-hat torx screws in them that worked well for 3D printed case

As person involved in customer support, providing screws to customers that are almost impossible to find should simply come as a courtesy service by Framework. At any cost.

Really? I was with you until you ended on that. I mean maybe customer service for the “make your dreams come true” foundation can operate like that with a billionaire benefactor in the wings, but the real world is finite.

Framework has been consistently upfront and transparent with us. I hope that it is possible in the future, but for now it is not.

The issue of needing the mainboard outside of a Framework laptop frame is really the only time you would need additional screws, and has been commented on here already, you can use other screws with the custom enclosure you print or purchase. There is flexibility there. All in all, I think the bases are covered with some optional improvement possible in the future.


okay you took that literal. Of course within reason, but what can the cost of a screw really cost Framework? Be realistic, not more than 0.50 each? There’s no reason these should not be made available on the marketplace, even if framework charges $2 each. Companies should provide avenues to purchase required replacement parts, like screws… that’s what this company is all about, the ability to repair and fix yourself. That’s my point. It’s a major dis-service to your customer to spec a screw that can’t be found anywhere then not sell them.

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I think from the outside it is easy to come to that conclusion. I myself could see it like that. However, to see all that Framework has done to make the Framework laptop accessible in the ways they have, is a true accomplishment. To get hung up on screws which Framework themselves has said that they are difficult to logistically support in small batches is something else.

My guess is that something along these lines has been talked about, and IF a avenue to see it improved is possible and within reason they are pursuing it.

But as I’ve said I don’t see the great demand for it when using the mainboard in custom cases and solutions because there is already flexibility possible there.

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FWIW I recently completed a 3d printed case for my old mainboard and found screws totally unnecessary. The mainboard friction fits very snugly in two alignment pins at the corners (I had to actually sand them down a bit to fit!) and if you populate the expansion cards, there’s 4 additional points of contact.

I’d still like to have a good source for replacement screws, but it was less of an issue for mainboard reuse than I expected.

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