Do we need the [Beta] display port firmware update after the new bios update [3.06]?

I’m using a 12th gen system and was wondering if I needed to update the display port firmware to improve the battery life of my system.

Firmware upgrades are always a good idea to improve the stability of the system, they also make it more efficient energy-wise.

Yeah but it seems like Bios 3.06 fixes the issue with display port and hdmi expansion cards using so much power. In the update notes framework says:

  1. Put the retimer in low power mode when the hdmi/display port expansion card is installed but no sink (cable) is attached for power saving.

If this is true then using the hack described in the display port expansion card update seems less necessary:

With this test firmware, when you plug a DisplayPort cable that is connected to a powered on monitor into the DisplayPort Expansion Card, the card will reset itself and turn into a DisplayPort adapter. When you disconnect the cable or turn off the monitor, it will reset again and turn into a generic USB HID device, letting the retimer suspend itself.