12gen - UEFI/firmware update ETA?

When can we expect to start seeing the various updates that have been mentioned across the forum surrounding firmware updates?

Theres many points surrounding this;

  • For linux users; lvfs updates.
  • The well known battery drain/lifetime being relatively poor (has this been traced and resolved yet?). i’m on the belief it’s been accepted and can be improved upon.
  • HDMI adaptor sucking excessive power (HDMI Module Power Drain Issue - #3 by Azure). for me, i’m seeing 1.5-4.8w power draw in linux powertop for this module so really eating into battery life/charge cycles.
  • fan curve tweaks.

as you can see, these seem fairly minor on the face of it and more around quality-of-life for battery life and noise levels. Do they really take multiple months to debug and test? In the nicest possible way; I think all the 12gen owners would like some progress with these please :slight_smile:

are there any updates due this year, or January to start resolving these issues?


I mean there is a beta bios for 12th gen, but it is that, a beta. Also keep in mind that it isn’t FW who devs the BIOS, that is contracted out to Insyde. Insyde has been slow in the past unfortunately.

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We’re busy working on these things. Actively working on this. I do not have any direct updates, but I can tell you I am personally part of these conversations and progress is being made. I appreciate your patience with this.