Do you clean format newly purchased SSD before use?

I don’t know when I started doing this. But I would always format SSD newly purchased before I ever install os.

When I format, I would choose to overwrite existing data with zeros. My os of choice is Pop!_OS with encryption.

Do you think this is good practice or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey :slight_smile:

Overwriting the drive before installation doesn’t really do anything, as the data is overwritten anyways. Especially since writing every cell also adds additional wear, and depending on the design of the drive (wear-leveling) you even might not be able to decide which cells are written. However having the OS encrypted is a good choice. Because ultimately you want to protect your data.
What I usually do for wiping SSDs (those that have full-disk encryption) is just resetting the ecryption keys as this renders all data on the drive useless. For that you have to check manufacturer-specific manuals if that’s possible.

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The only thing I do is switching it to Advanced Format 4K sectors using nvme-cli if possible. Only reason to completely overwrite a disk of any type would be software encryption or testing/benchmarking for me.


I run test to see if all is well before adding due to past work and lack of QA coming out of manufacturing.

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Isn’t that just the NVMe secure erase command? Shouldn’t need manufacturer-specific manuals for that: NVMe Secure Erase

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Well if you have to overwrite, overwrite with random when using encryption (to better hide used space). But on ssds even this has limited usefulness.

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It’s pretty sad that most SSD today still runs 512e instead of 4kn out of factory, and change the advanced format is slightly more complex than formatting the file system

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