[TRACKING] External SSD write protect (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)

Howdy howdy! I’m a relatively new Ubuntu user (less than 2 years), and quickly became accustomed to poweroff -i to turn off my machine. One corrupt filesystem later, and I’ve since learned my lesson about that. I take good backups, so I was quickly back up and running. Here’s the kicker- I was booting from the USB-C SSD expansion card. While I was able to restore to my session by dding to another drive and booting from that, the original card remains corrupt and write protected! I’ve tried everything I can think off- namely hdparm, fdisk, and mkfs.ext4, but none of these can get around the write protection. I would like to be able to reformat the drive so I can continue using it, probably as a backup drive. Any help would be appreciated.

Some SSDs will write-protect themselves when they’re on their way out. I would recommend that you reach out to support, as it may be a hardware issue.

Echoing the above, this needs to be a ticket. We can help from there. Please link to this post in the ticket.