Does the Framework Laptop support Windows?

Yes, the Framework Laptop is available with Windows 10 Home and Pro. Windows 10 is also a configurable option on the Framework Laptop DIY Edition.

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What will happen if someone ask you a refund for the Windows license?

Lenovo has to pay 20000€ recently because they refused to refund the cost of the Windows license which the user didn’t agree.

Hi @kerunaru, we offer the Framework Laptop DIY Edition with no operating system installed. We ask that folks who don’t want Windows 10 purchase the DIY Edition instead and load their preferred operating system onto it.

Yes, I understand your intention (and I’ll buy the DIY edition, of course) but there could be some tricky folks who will try to buy the assembled version and ask you for a refund…

It’s a hypotheticall situation. How you would proceed?

@kerunaru we’ll be making it super clear to folks who don’t want Windows 10 that the DIY Edition is designed for them. We also have a return window, so if someone accidentally orders a system with Windows 10, we’ll help them return that system and get them set up with a DIY Edition order with no operating system pre-installed.

And what is the problem letting people to choose a “no OS” assembled option? :thinking:


That’s something we may offer in the future, but in the near term we’re streamlining the pre-assembled options to the most common ones, while making the DIY Edition deeply customizable. This lets us offer folks a deep set of options while keeping things feasible for us operationally.

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What about Windows 11?

There’s been a few threads about Windows 11 compat and the answer was yes. It meets all the reqs.