DongleHider+ - Multiple dongles and a normal USB A socket

Do you have pictures of the silver/grey colour? How close does it look to the “stock” look?

Prices will be dropped over the weekend due to the change from free shipping to paid shipping, also note that in a couple of weeks duties and taxes to EU countries will be collected at checkout and paid via the IOSS system.

ive already ordered mine, but i plan to print a new card in a lavender to match my bezel

@LeoDJ thanks a lot for the design acceleration to this DongleHider+ :green_heart:
@Josh_Cook thanks for making it REAL for me :blue_heart:
i used the bottom “slot” first … some wiring made it easier for me … here some impressions:

All 2nd batch orders have been packed and ready for shipment next week

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Woah dude you’re Italian? I never tought someone other than me’s into framework here!

The colour is darker than the laptop, so it certainly doesn’t look first-party but it doesn’t look bad. The texture is quite different but that’s only really noticeable on the bottom.

One thing I noticed is that it’s a bit narrower than the stock cards, so you can see a slight gap. Not enough to worry about unless you’re really OCD.

I’ll try to post a picture this weekend.

Quick questions: any news about shipping? and, does the iclab order # indicate the “batch”? @Josh_Cook

All 2nd batch orders have been shipped, my fulfilment system did not correctly update orders, but they should get updated by this week. I’ll DM you your tracking number.

Thank you, amazing. Your work is really appreciated!


I was the one with the melted donglehider+ before. The new one came and (A) it wasn’t melted, (B) it latches perfectly now, and (C) it reads all the USB-A devices that didn’t work with the melted one before. I haven’t soldered the dongle in yet, but thank you to all those on this forum post that helped diagnose a newbie’s issue! :slight_smile: The silver color of the new one is very nice too!

As a quick follow-up: I couldn’t wait and went ahead and soldered in my new bolt dongle. Everything works; both dongle and previously tested USB-A items (which means I didn’t mess up my second-ever soldering)! Thanks again for the cool concept-brought-to-life, Josh and LeoDJ!

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LeoDJ deserves recognition for this as well.

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Ah yes, thanks to LeoDJ as well! I’ll fix my original post. Thank you for reminding me.

Hi Josh, were you going to offer any additional cases? You’re print quality is just much better than the printers I have access to.

I was also wondering if you might consider printing a case idea I thought of. I tried to print some with disappointing results. I was hoping you could add a channel that’s about as deep as the cutout for the USB A but in line with the where the dongle hider would go. My idea is to leverage the bottom USB connection to allow you to lay a kingston micro SD card reader in the base, and then by soldering on some contacts use that for extra storage but not have it mechanically attached. (

MicroSD card insert.stl (330.1 KB)
Here’s the attempt I made at it, but the 3D printer I used struggled in making it cleanly. If you think there would be a way to open up the side so that it would be slid in and out without unscrewing the dongle hider that would be even better, I just wasn’t sure about the overall strength.

I’m more than happy to print enclosures for anyone for a small price + shipping. I won’t have any issues printing the file you attached.

So I’m hopefully going to attempt this soon with my Logi Bolt dongle. I assume installation is going to be a case of matching the G/+/-/V pads up with the corresponding USB contacts, so that should be reasonably straight-forward. But if anyone has any tips on getting the dongle apart with a minimum of fuss I’d be keen to hear them.

Should be as easy as 4 straight wires!

Australia Post Tracking is seriously crazy, I am very curious if and when they will post any updates after it’s been “handed over to the local postal authority”

You can try tracking with your local postal carrier.