DongleHider+ - Multiple dongles and a normal USB A socket

We have a bunch of them, I might try a few more today.

Recieved mine recently, and finally got around to trying to add the dongle. But before I did, I decided to test it to make sure it was working before I started soldering. So far, a USB keyboard and USB flash drive don’t seem to do anything/be recognized. Does it require having the internal dongle soldered on first before the external port will work?

Is the USB hub device detected when plugged in with nothing attached or soldered?

I think so? When I run lsusb (I’m on Ubuntu 24) with/without the DH+ attached, something called the “Qinheng Electronics USB hub” appears/disappears

Yep that’s the USB hub, by appears/disappears do you mean it connects and then disconnects?

No, I just meant that it was on the list/not on the list as appropriate for when the DH+ was plugged in/unplugged.

Ok, so then I’m not too sure why any device connected to the USB hub will not function.

Ok, so I’m not super familiar with the actual hardware level details of USB ports, but comparing this image of a USB female port and this picture of my DH+, it looks like the power pin might be bent or broken?

edit: yup the pin was somehow smooshed to the back. I tried to bend it back straight but it just snapped. I’ve ordered a replacement.

That sure is an unusual failure and my first nonworking board of all 150 boards produced.

I was attempting to install a logitech “HERO” dongle inside this, but it wouldn’t even be detected by Windows/Linux. I tried a few other dongles on the USB A socket, didn’t work. However my USB 3.0 drive was detected without any issues.

Could my expansion card be defective?

I’d be quite surprised if a USB drive is being detected but a dongle on the same port is not being detected. Can you check to see if there is a bent pin in the socket like

Finally got around to installing my dongle! Was a bit fiddly, and my first attempt failed because I tried using the bottom/back pins, but with the thickness of the wire I used plus the thickness of the dongle PCB, it wouldn’t fit back into the shell.

Moved it to the top pins, and all good. Works great. Thanks @LeoDJ and @Josh_Cook.

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I bought one of the Donglehider+ from Etsy and i am really pleased. Dismantled my Logi Bold Adapter installed it in the “USB2” Spot and i am thinking about, what Adapter would be suitable for the second slot. Really a great Addition. Thanks for the Project!