Double-Sided SSDs Support?

Hi, I was wondering if double sided SSDs are supported on the Framework Laptop 16 (if I only used the primary 2280 slot and not the 2230 secondary slot)?

Yes, and theoretically if they’re both thin enough, you can even have a double-sided 2280 and a single-sided 2230. See here:
Height limitations when using double-sided SSD for Primary Storage (

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Okay, so my 8 TB Inland Perfromance Plus TLC would work?

Does it fit the dimensions in that Framework knowledgebase article?

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I have the SSD with me, and it doesn’t say any dimensions…

If your search engine of choice doesn’t turn up a specification sheet, have you considered finding a ruler or tape measure?

Unfortunately, I cannot find those measurements anywhere, and I think opening the package to measure the SSD voids the return policy.

So I would say. Ask the manufacturer of the SSD if you don’t have the measurements. I don’t think a definite answer would be hard, when the final product isn’t released.