Dual-Role Ports

Are any of the ports on the framework laptop “Dual-Role Ports”?

Essentially, I’m wondering if I can charge the framework laptop from my desktop’s usb-c port and also, would I be able to transfer files over that interface.


They are thunderbolt 4 ports so both data and power should be ableto go through, i dont know if your computers output can charge fast enough tho.

The ports are actually capable of Thunderbolt, this is true, but Framework didn’t get the license for it (yet).
Your PC would need to support USB-PD (Power Delivery) over it’s ports, and that’s something I highly doubt. So you wouldn’t get much more than about 10W maximum, data transfer should be at no bottleneck whatsoever though.

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A relatively high-end PC’s UDB-C port might output 5V 3A (e.g. that’s what the framework laptop puts out) but that honestly isn’t something I myself would be comfortable doing… I’d be scared it will put a heck of a strain on both computers.

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From my research based on what contributors have said it seems that a desktop motherboard would have a USB PD implementation, which is required for the laptop to be able to charge. I suspect that it’s because of the lack of 9 and 20 volts on the mainboard needed to drive the high wattage charging.

EDIT: Therefore the only solution currently would be an addon card like this, which also has USB PD functionality: