Ectool working on Framework 16

Anyone has working ectool in the framework 16?

Which operating system?

If you’re using Windows, are you using CrosECDriver?

If you’re using Linux, which kernel version?

The patch that adds support for modern AMD Framework laptops is only available in 6.10 and above.

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I’m using ubuntu, with 6.8.0-35-generic #35-Ubuntu SMP

I tried this ectool and it did not work on a FW16:

I tried this ectool and it did work on a FW16:

sudo ./ectool pwmgetfanrpm all
Fan 0 RPM: 1113
Fan 1 RPM: 1105

I am using Mainline kernel: 6.9.x that I compile myself.
I have not tested with any other linux kernel.