[RESPONDED] Ubuntu 24.04 OEM kernel + framework-system?

Hey Framework+Linux folks!

Since the cros-ec patchset seems to be targeted for Linux 6.10 and Framework is working with Canonical on OEM kernels, what are the chances of getting that patchset included in an OEM kernel for Ubuntu 24.04? I’d really like to be able to use those tools without having to disable secure boot (and thus losing my TPM-backed FDE).

Obviously this is a much lower priority than fixing bugs and stuff, but if there’s a chance I’d love to see it!


Yes, we will be using OEM kernels when it’s time. However we’re slated to use default initially as it stands now. Odds are fair that it could line up, but it would depend how it aligns with HWE release cycles I suspect.

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Good to know, thanks! I’d imagine that the 24.04.1 HWE stack will get 6.10 or later, so it sounds like we’ll just need to be patient and wait for that.

Another interesting stuff to eventually have in a oem 6.8 kernel are the v6.8-iommu-sva-... patches from GitHub - AMD-SW/linux: Linux kernel source tree for AMD projects for being able to load the xdna driver module.