Eighth update on Framework Laptop 16 shipment and software update timing

[Editor’s Note: Received via email at 10:50 PDT on 2024-03-13. Minor text alterations were made to correct the formatting.]

Our final assembly factory for Framework Laptop 16 and all of our sub suppliers are now up and running smoothly. We had a few bumps as we ramped, with an early material shortage on the RGB Macropad and product serialization and data systems issues delaying some of the keyboard versions. All of those issues are now resolved, and we’re on our way to utilizing full manufacturing capacity. We’re currently aiming for an approximately 5 day cadence between sending out “preparing your batch” emails from batch to batch, with a goal to speed that up to 4 days as we reach peak factory output. We sent out the email to Batch 4 late last week and plan to send the Batch 5 email this week. We expect to fulfill all Batch 5 and most Batch 6 orders before the end of Q1 and all current pre-orders before the end of Q2. We’ll be updating the timing that appears on your order in your user account to reflect this. We optimize manufacturing throughput by scheduling larger runs of each configuration, which means we will have anywhere from 1 to 4 different batches in the midst of fulfillment at any given time.

We also wanted to provide an update on the the open issues that we shared in earlier emails:

  1. Keyboard deflection - We shared an improvement in an earlier email which involves adding five additional rubber pads around the Mainboard to provide additional support to the keyboard. In parallel to our manufacturing partner completing qualification testing on this, we’ve started dogfooding it internally in Framework. If you’re not familiar with “dogfooding”, it comes from the idea of “eating your own dog food”, or making sure you’re testing what you’re making before others do. As we mentioned in the earlier email, once we complete testing, assuming the results are positive we will roll this into new production and share a form for existing Framework Laptop 16 owners to request a kit of pads.

  2. Secondary SSD may disappear - AMD has provided us with the necessary BIOS fix, which we’re now testing as part of an overall Framework Laptop 16 BIOS update. Our initial testing on it is positive. Once this BIOS is ready, we’ll share it into the Community first as a Beta release before the final release.

  3. Display frozen after smart MUX switching - AMD has shared an updated graphics driver with us that has the fix for this along with some new features and performance improvements. This is also currently in our test process, and it will follow the same release path as the BIOS update.

Thanks again for your patience, and we’re excited to get your Framework Laptop 16 to you (or the rubber pads and software updates if you already have yours).


I wonder if the 5 or 4 day cadence is the number of normal days or work week days

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From batch 2-3 was 5 or 6 days total, so i assume they mean total, though i would prefer clarification now that you brought it up

I’m hoping the bios fix for the secondary SSD gets released before my batch 6 laptop ships

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I have this same query, but taking it as work days means they would be starting a batch each week, which seems a more likely scenario to me. It then puts my batch 12 on the second week of May, which suits me fine.

Thank you for sharing it here. I thought most folks wouldn’t be interested in this (considering not everyone has a Framework 16 pre-order) but of there is demand, I’d be more than happy to share the email updates here as well !


it would be great if this was standard procedure, i was waiting for it to appear on the forums to share it with other people, since my email only exists on my phone which makes sharing annoying.

sharing with other people is mostly pertinent because i have a lot of folks in my social circles who are both interested in and invested in seeing the results of my framework journey, and being able to do that in the forum context (where there’s frequently some amount of discussion) is good imo


Though I don’t have a Framework 16, I’ve also been monitoring for updates, posting them here would be great.


Kudos to Framework team for releasing fixes and updating. Tell me one other brand that would so this.


I’d say when there’s pre-orders like this, I’d post on the forums as well. Can’t hurt, and lets us have an “official” thread to comment/discuss/vent on :wink:


Haven’t followed the forum for the past few weeks, since my FW16 works flawlessly :smiley:
But I also haven’t received a ninth update e-mail, so I’m wondering, have there been any updates on these pads ?

not so far as i can tell