Ethernet Expansion Card

Josh, This would be a once a month thing for me as well. But also want to support the project. I have no experience in shipping but my daughter and ex wife do a lot of international trade shows and know a thing or two. From there stories, seems like volume may be easier. If there is any way I can help (such as reshipping individual orders for you from here) let me know. As long as the quantities are reasonable I am happy to do it for free as my dues to our mini rebellion. If you think this could be of benefit, reach out and either way, thanks for taking this on.


Same here for good old Europe. I used to sell some hard to find adapters a couple of years back to people all over the world (some actually did go to Australia) and still got a lifetime supply of Jiffy 00 padded envelopes sitting in the basement.

From that experience, I’d say items such as your expansion card ship globally very well and also somewhat reasonably priced as a registered letter in a padded envelope. Would be happy to help out though it if makes sense.


Finally, the PCB’s have arrived! Will be assembling them after I finish getting my framework laptop setup. For Europe I may look into getting someone on the forum that I can trust to deal with reshipping them and possibly the US and Canada. I will be shipping to anywhere as long as the person is willing to cover the charges.


Would gladly grab one from ya.

A small delay, my 3D printer broke down while printing. Hopefully will open orders before February. I may supply people the assembled PCB without the case but wouldn’t have been able to test it.


So not even the official framework expansion card dreams of being the size of one slot…


Mine is staying in one slot but protruding about 2 and a half centimetres, this is a relatively tightly packed board with components on either side.

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kudos to you, how are you going to have the RJ-45 port then if you are not going higher as well?

Forgot to mention that, it comes up from the laptop so it can still sit flush.

Reading through this thread inspired me a lot lol, how do you even know this much as a 13 year old? @Josh_Cook

it’s simple, he’s the best


One person. Eevblog (Dave Jones)


Hey @Josh_Cook . Do you have any pictures of the expansion card you’ve made? I’d love to see a real life photo.


If you need help printing parts let me know I can help.

I’m not sure if it’s helpful or anything. But I have some experience with order fulfillment and inventory management from my previous job. Given I was primarily dealing with medications and lab samples but those are about the same size, right?

I’ve dealt with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. I would be willing to help. I’ve only done domestic shipping, and am only familiar with the above but would be willing help with international shipping. It’s just not something that’s come up for me.

I really like this community and I think it’s great that people are actively participating. I don’t even see this in my classes anymore.

Anyways, I check back here regularly, or anyone can DM me.

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I probably will have somebody in the US and eu to do fulfilment, for the first couple prototypes that I ship to people will be done by myself but once I start scaling up I would get somebody to help. I will ask for help whenever needed. Currently I’m at 47 responses of people being interested which is not a bad number.


Absolute idiots, Hong Kong has canceled practically all flights into Sydney, probably will not be getting my replacement part any time soon. Probably will have to get a prototype company to print it for me until it comes or someone on this forum.

I don’t have a google account, but I am interested in one for sure. I will message you.


Aside from the form that was posted, was there another way we were supposed to get on a list? Or should we DM you?

Yep just DM me thanks.