Ethernet Expansion Card

I would be getting a reflow oven for assembly.

Alright. Just make sure you factor in the cost of your time and rework of assembly when you compare prices of different options. This will probably be a small-volume product so investment in equipment may not be the best option from a financial standpoint.
That said, as a hobby, having more tools at your fingertips is great :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright, as I’m getting quite close to being done with everything so I am able to prototype. I need to know what kind of demand I am looking at, for the 40 - 50 US dollar range how many people would be willing to get one? Also any recommendations for selling them, as I will have it on the Marketplace but would like my own store so does anyone know of a platform that can do it reasonably easily?

Shopify? Etsy? eBay? Amazon?

The only place I have ever sold anything is on eBay, the fees aren’t great-about 10% in the categories I sell in(computer parts) and usually eBay will side with buyers in disputes but there is some seller protection

Honestly I wouldn’t recommend it for you, you are selling a niche product, if the fees are reasonable I would sell exclusively thru the framework marketplace-that’s the first place users will look and generally people shop where it’s easiest-nobody wants to make yet another account on some random website to just buy 1 thing

Being as you are Australian complicated things tho-no idea how that would work-would framework purchase modules from you and store them in a US warehouse and pay you out as they sell? I have no idea

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That is going to depend on the design, price, shipping (I’m in US) and if on the Framework Marketplace.

I will personally wait for the Marketplace being the place to have one on it. If that’s yours, cool.

My USB-C hub is fine for now at the desk.

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With a small margin, selling on either eBay/Amazon/etc will eat up your profits with their handling and processing fees.

The way I got around this with my <shameless plug*>roPlug card</shameless plug> is by setting up a Google form and sending the invoice directly with PayPal. With PayPal Invoicing, there’s a charge of 3.49% + fee, but there is business protection that go with it.

*pun unintended, tho ironic

The downside is that there’s no public facing website where you can publicize and such. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I am willing to keep this community alive and the dyi front. Put me in the list of buyers. Plus it’s a cool story, some 13 year old man solved a problem for a lot of people, I threw money his way!

your schematic looks wrong to me. there’s a bunch of 1.2v pins connected to 3.3v. not sure that would work

There is a voltage regulator in there.

If it blows up it blows up, better to learn than succeed.


yeah, but you didn’t connect the regulator output. i suppose that’s one way of looking at it, but this is an easy fix if you didnt order it already

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It is in fact connected, show me a image of this,


It would be cool if Framework had a “community marketplace” for people advertise and sell any custom expansions/modifications.

It will be opened for the community next year.

I can’t say much with my lack of knowledge and experience, but @ExplodingWaffle is being the mvp in checking scematics!

There is no issue, everything is wired up correctly.

regout should be connected to the 1.2v pins, i guess through an inductor as it’s a switching supply. bummer realtek doesn’t provide a good reference circuit, but i found this schematic online which appears nice

Yep, it was quite hard sourcing a reference schematic.

U4 is the regulator, the RT 8153 has a built in regulator that isn’t needed, LX is the 1.2V pin. ENSWREG is connected to GND which disables the internal regulator and enables external 1.2V input. If ENSWREG was connected to 3v3 it will enable the internal regulator. Good spotting.


It’s coming together! The first part of the Ethernet expansion card. The other parts should be here by the end of next week.