Excessive heat while charging and suspend under Windows

I’m noticing that when the laptop is plugged in and charging that the machine doesn’t appear to sleep properly under Windows. The machine will be in standby but heat increases on the case. When resuming temps are shown at 65C or higher. Where as before sleeping the temps were around 39-42C.

As soon as the battery is charged this behavior no longer occurs and you can leave the cable plugged in without any issue.

I haven’t tested this under Linux just yet. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Modern Standby sucks.

I’m not sure how to check this but Windows allows all sorts of CPU-intensive background tasks to run if you’re on standby and plugged in. I don’t think it has to do with battery charge level since I’m plugged in 24/7 and it still gets warm hours after putting it to sleep.


I’m really coming to the same conclusion.

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I actually have a custom power plan with lots of core parking/power saving settings aggressively set for when I’m expecting my laptop to be on idle. It’s been working ok for me so far, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen this same behavior yet, I haven’t gone out of my way to check how hot it’s getting when I charge on standby yet.

If I had to guess, this is due to a combination of the heat coming off of the battery from the charging process, and the fan not running. The fact that the issue stops once charging is complete gives away that charging has something to do with it. I’ve personally noticed that the the area around the battery (under the touchpad, stretching from the left side to the right) gets noticeably warm during charging.

Of course, the CPU also gets put through some paces while to get everything ready when waking up too if I’m not mistaken. I’ll have to check later to see if mine does this on Linux, but from what I know the results won’t be comparable for several reasons, mainly that Linux doesn’t use the same standby or sleep that Windows does.

That being said, I doubt it has any real consequences. 65C is well within operating temperature for the CPU. Its maximum operating temperature is 100C (defined here as Tjunction). However, I’ve never seen this laptop come anywhere near that, maxing out around 70C under a Geekbench load. I would love to run Cinebench or something but Linux compatible benchmarks are pretty rare.

Keep in mind I’m not an engineer nor am I affiliated with Framework. I’m just an enthusiast.

I’m noticing that the laptop is staying right around 54 C while in standby with the AC plugged in. The battery is full.

I’ve noticed that with Ubuntu this is not the case even if the battery is still charging.

This is worrisome to me as heat is what kills electronics. I don’t have a problem with 54 C during operation but while in standby things should be cooling down.

Anyone else noticing this?

Maybe related to this issue, installing the most recent beta drivers fixed the most egregious offender related to Realtek Audio driver / SST driver but there’s still abnormally high power draw with a USB-A or a HDMI expansion card installed during sleep mode. Before the first fix I’d notice coil whine during sleep and my bag growing warm with the laptop in there. Probably worse when charging as it’s defaulting to better performance power plan.

For now I just have it set to hibernate after a short amount of time until this is resolved.

I’m using the beta drivers, and that has seen an improvement.

The curious thing is that under Linux this heat during sleep and charging are not present.

I believe this is the same behavior I noted recently in the Unable to wake from sleep thread.