Unable to wake from sleep

My laptop has demonstrated some weird sleep/suspend issues a few times. In this case, it refused to wake from sleep (power button LED pulsing slowly). I was forced to hold the power button until it shut off, and then power it back up again. I grabbed powercfg /SleepStudy immediately upon logging in.

We can see that the laptop went into “screen off” at 19:50, but it seems to be missing a sleep event. The laptop was closed from that time forward, until I opened the lid and attempted to wake the machine around 02:11. When it didn’t immediately wake, I suspected maybe it was in some sort of hibernation mode, so I pressed the button and waited for minutes with the laptop plugged in (suspecting the battery had depleted). I eventually gave up and performed the force shutdown.

We can see some sort of “No CS Phase” event occur, though there are no obvious culprits explaining why it took 11 minutes for it to complete.

2021-08-14 07_02_26-System Power Report

Any ideas why my laptop was apparently in a non-sleep screen off phase for hours, yet would not wake later? Perhaps I’m missing something in the powercfg report; I’m happy to share the entire document here if that will help with diagnosis.


I’ve noticed this kind of behavior too. Sleeping and waking are both pretty inconsistent. Most of the time it will instantly sleep/wake as expected. Other times sleep will take a few seconds, sometimes it doesn’t go to sleep at all, and sometimes it won’t wake up (like you’ve described).

I’ve noticed this on other laptops too…seems like there are still a lot of issues with Modern Standby in general.


What audio driver are you using? Just curious.

I am having zero problems with modern standby now. It works great.

The Microsoft driver. I uninstalled the Realtek driver and app after installing the Framework drivers.

Ok same here. I wonder if it is some software interfering with sleep… maybe has some kind of lock?

Note that we’ve only done substantial testing on the driver configuration that the Framework Laptop Driver Bundle installs. If you’re seeing issues after removing drivers from there, a good first step would be checking if the issue also occurs with the full driver bundle installed.

I’m currently on all-stock drivers. I have it configured to sleep on pressing the power button or closing the lid. Right now the laptop is unable to enter standby mode via either method. start > power > sleep doesn’t work either. In all three methods, the screen will turn off but the keyboard backlight and power button LED remain on. The fan ramps up a few minutes later.

Rebooting fixes it; not sure what’s causing this, and it happens sporadically.

I think some of the sleep issues can be due to windows running background updates which prevent the system from going all the way into standby when on AC.
This does not explain why you cannot wake from sleep however.

Are you running into the issue primarily on AC or also on battery?
Just for some background modern standby sleep has 2 different phases, 1 where the system is still fully on but the screen is off, and 2 where the system is in a low power sleep state:



I want to say that both times the phase began it would have been on AC, and attempting to wake on battery, but I’m not absolutely certain.

This seems poorly thought-out from a UX standpoint. I don’t believe anyone considers phase 1 “sleep” as the only battery savings is coming from the screen being off. Is there no way to ‘force’ it to go into phase 2?

Happened again just now. Same sequence of [plugged in, lid closed to sleep, unplugged, lid opened, failed to wake].

@obfuscurity was this with the Driver Bundle re-installed?

No. The laptop was using excessive power with the Realtek driver installed.

Got it. We’re digging into what is happening on the driver for standby power, but in the meantime we recommend running with the default driver bundle as we haven’t tested the configuration with the driver uninstalled.

This is anecdotal at best but I am doing what you do all the time, and have never had an issue with Windows resuming. I should mention that I am using WPD and Tinywall. Both of these let you control updates and what elements of Windows may speak with the internet.

Modern standby has worked amazingly well after returning to the MS generic Realtek audio driver. I am noticing some slight audio issues with headphones though under the generic driver, so I look forward to the issue with the stock driver being discovered.

But outside of that the laptop is running 100% perfect.

For the time being I’ve reinstalled the Framework drivers (including the Realtek audio driver) and will attempt to reproduce the issue.

A shame right now that you either pick an audio driver that drains battery quickly or breaks modern standby. Nothing that’s unfixable by the team though!

To be clear, the issue with the stock driver is modern standby. Not being able to wake from standby is happening for obfuscuirty with the MS driver, not the framework one. (At least as far as he has reported.)

But I am using the MS driver and modern standby is working exactly as it is supposed to. (as far as I can tell) I do not have any issues with resuming either.

So the tradeoff you’re speaking of doesn’t seem to track at least as far as my experience is concerned.

Ah, my bad. I’m just glad there’s a laptop manufacturer that can actually fix a sleep wake issue when everyone’s gotten used to something like this as “a laptop just getting old.”

I guess I am just old school, I like to shut things down when dome for the day.

Then, there should be no battery drain.
Not happy with certain Lenovo laptops I have because they seem to drain battery even shut off.

Yes I have turned off USB power out on those computers.