Expansion Bay Shell

Hi Everyone,
I just pre-ordered a FW16 and had a question about what support is available for
custom developing Expansion Bay add ons. In particular, I see the Github references for
PCB design but is there any open source design information related to the shell itself?

In particular, I am interested in exposing a PCB attached switch at the bottom of the bay and am trying to understand am I going to have to mill out that space or will there be a shell design which I can 3d print/manufacture in its place.


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Pretty sure there are CAD files in the github.

Hmm, maybe I’m blind, but I don’t see files for the shell itself.
Sorry, I saw CAD files mentioned in the github and I guess I just assumed that ones for the shell must be there.

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I was under the impression that the CAD files for the shell would be available, although may be released after the laptop. I forget where I saw that. I also think it was more implied than stated.

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