Expansion card chart doesn't show the audio jack card possibilities

The chart I’m referring to is the one here: Expansion Card Slot functionality on Framework Laptop 16

According to it, there are several caveats to the placement of the various cards, eg: USB A cards should not be placed in slot 1 or 4 because that will result in increased power consumption. Are there any such caveats to the card with solely a headphone jack?

I don’t think there would be, as the audio card would be acting like any other audio card that can be plugged in via usb; the audio jack card doesn’t rely on any special features of the ports that would limit placement, and afaik it doesn’t cause an abnormally high power consumption when plugged in.

The audio card, like the micro SD reader card, storage cards and ethernet card are standard USB devices and require no specific slot functionality.

The power saving problem is that these slots don’t go to sleep/shut off if you put in a USB-A card with nothing plugged in. If you insert some other module like the audio card, it can’t shut off anyway as it needs to keep the device connected, so all slots should be mostly the same there. There might still be some differences in energy usage between the slots, but I don’t think any measurements have been published yet.