Expansion card covering the fingerprint reader

I was annoyed by the fingerprint reader light while I was watching movies in the dark and I wanted to play with Fusion 360 so I did this :

Framework hide expansion v3.stl (220.6 KB)

I probably could have fix with software but I rather have my own expansion card haha
Problably one of the most useless expansion card but I like it a lot :laughing:

Don’t close your laptop while having this expansion card

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So this is just a movie enhancer, and you like or want the light in the day ??

3.07+ let’s you turn brightness for the power button down to low. Not quite off, but I notice it doesn’t bug me as much.


Note, the fingerprint light is controllable in EC I believe, you can use the EC Tool created by the “EC Guy” too edit it! :smiley: Still cool tho!


No I wanna watch the movie in the night, in the dark and without a glowing light next to the screen :laughing: this expansion card cover that light

Yes I got the function idea but I was wondering if you want the light at other times :slight_smile:

Oh yeah definitely, I just use this card for movies. The rest of the time I want access to fingerprint reader and light :slight_smile:

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Ok so you want the light :slight_smile: I was thinking you could edge the button with red nail varnish etc.

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For what it’s worth, you can turn the light off with ectool by setting the color to blue (a color it doesn’t have):
# ectool led power blue

Your solution is more creative, though :slightly_smiling_face: