Expansion Card-sized reflow hot plate

@Kieran_Levin found that there is a hot plate that happens to be almost exactly the size of an Expansion Card PCB. For anyone planning to do prototyping at home, this is a pretty convenient shortcut! https://www.seeedstudio.com/Mini-Hot-Plate-Preheater-MHP30-p-4751.html


Never mind hotplate, where do you get those tweezers?

…although the hot plate looks like it would be very good for keeping a small
espresso or a tiny Burrito warm. :thinking:


The tweezers are listed as an option in the link to the hot plate… At $99, more than the plate itself. But good tools are not cheap

The $99 listed tweezers are DT71 Digital Tweezers which I guess are totally different

I haven’t been able to find the exact pictured version

Maybe I’m a little late, but those Tweezers are from “Miniware”. They are probably more know for their TS100 and TS80 soldering irons, but they make a range of other nice stuff

Link to Tweezers: http://www.miniware.com.cn/product/mtweezer-set/


We finally picked up one of these, and it is amazing just how small they are!


is that a microcontroller expansion card I see? How well does the plate do at soldering the SAMD21?

It was just a test board from ExpansionCards/Electrical/Microcontroller at main · FrameworkComputer/ExpansionCards · GitHub as a convenient way to show the size of the hotplate. I do plan to test it with some chipquik though.

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