Yet another 3D-printed modules box

As an exercise to learn parametric 3D design, I made a tiny box just big enough to hold an Ethernet module and a regular module :slight_smile:

I’ve also made a smaller version (R2) designed to fit two regular-sized modules.

Let me know what you think!


Wow, that’s cool! It’s the most compact one I’ve ever seen and nesting the regular card on the inset of the Ethernet card is brilliant.

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Wow good job! Nice and compact. I like the idea of fitting a normal module in that area of the ethernet module.

Haha thanks <3

Hi friends, I progressed a lot in parametric design in the last few days. Honestly it is so much more efficient than TinkerCAD I don’t understand why I procrastinated for so long.

Anyway, I made a brand new version called TECBox (Tiny Expansion Card Box), available in three sizes :

TECBox-e2 : The successor of the previous version, designed to fit an ethernet EC and a regular EC nested together

TECBox-r2 : Designed to fit 2 regular ECs stacked together

TECBox-e4 : Think of it as the previous two smashed together :smiley: Fits an ethernet expansion card and three regular expansion cards in a 2x2 configuration.