Expansion cards outside of Framework

Hi guys, I was wondering, can you use the expansion cards such as the USB-A, Storage or SD card expansion cards outside of the framework laptop?

Say I have another laptop/pc with a USB-C port, can I use them as they are?

Was thinking to buy a sd card reader for my desktop PC but I suddenly wondered if I could use the module, I need not buy a SD card reader just for the purpose (and generate more e-waste when that card reader fails).


Yes, they are just USB-C dongles in a special form-factor.


That’s cool! Thank you!

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Yes, I recently used a USB-A module with a Flash drive to recover a Windows PC.

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Yep, thats why its called Universal Serial Bus (USB).

Just wanted to confirm as that was what I understood but there are instances of proprietary connectors that can only work with a certain chipset/motherboard, so just wanted to confirm.