Fair Trade

I came to this site via the Fairphone one and the discussion there is 'It would be great if Framework would use Fairtrade in sourcing materials and maybe recycled plastics.

I see no mention of the idea when I search the forum.

Is it a consideration?


The housing uses 50% recycled aluminium with no toxic coatings or paints, there is talk of corn based expansion cards.

Hi @Josh_Cook

Thanks for the info, however environmentally so called green issues were not of much concern to be me although appreciated. I am more concerned with the workers conditions in mining of precious metals and assembly line workers.

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Yep, I think the charger also uses 20% Post consumer plastic. I would hope too the factory conditions are good but they do not manufacture much in house so Nirav would not be able to comment.


I don’t think Fairphone manufactures in-house, but has strict requirements and monitoring processes in place to ensure good working conditions and ethical practices.

If Framework doesn’t have the capacity for something like that at this point, there could be some sort of partnership with Fairphone to use their standard and monitoring system, or even collaboration around manufacturing.


I think this is a fantastic idea.
I think even only a statement from Framework that this will be considered in the feature would be important in this moment!
Even because there is no laptop as the Fairphone nowadays, it could be some good advertisement too.