11th Gen BIOS 3.09 Beta release

Thank you, @2disbetter.
I’ve also reported to support to make sure Framework knows about the problem.

Just want to report another failure to charge while shut down.

Batch 1, i7- 1185. Recently updated to bios 3.09
I shutdown the device yesterday at 25% or so. It was plugged in for a few hours before unplugging.
Waking up this morning, the charge was 22%.

The weird thing is that I believe it charged normally in that situation, immediately after updating the BIOS.

Note: same 45 watt Samsung charger and cable.

Yep, that has been reported a lot, just downgrade if it really affects you.

I have noticed that my DP module is not picked up after a reboot. I have to go into Windows to add a device before the system DP modual. I’ve tried re plugging thr cable and re plugging thr DP module. This issues only started after 3.09 update.

Batch 4 i71165G7 DIY

You might want to skip the magnetic cables, they are not part of the usb spec. That thread has some very knowledgeable people including the famous Benson Leung talking about how magnetic usb type c charging cables are a bad idea. At least from personal experience a couple years ago, the magnetic charging cables I bought fried a couple of my power bricks.

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Hmm! but it was a kickstart type idea, using Fairtrade gold and better wages for the factory workers so I feel obliged to support the intiative.

Then there’s the notion that it is only the Framework that has shown a problem, so I will do some more tests and hope not to trash any more cables. Power and laptop seem fine.

Thanks for your concern :slight_smile:


The FairTrade certifications aren’t exactly good, as you are just looking at the people in the manufacturing house not only the material suppliers, and you cannot fix this.

I’m not actually looking, I’m reading but don’t quite understand you comment.

  • The FairTrade certifications aren’t exactly good,
    They are not remotely good as it’s not a polarised issue, I see a lot of polarised perspectives. It’s meant to be ‘fairer’ which is a type of bad in that it is not so bad for those employed.

As I said I’m not looking let alone ‘just’ looking and I don’t get the the next bit about material suppliers.

What is it you think I am not seeing from your perspective.
As I said, I read.

  • The creation of the first Fairtrade gold
  • The creation of the Colbolt alliance
  • etc. etc.
  • recycled plastics
  • fair wages to the whole factory not just those working on the ‘fair trade’ items.

Of course it could all be a hoax, and I’m not looking let alone investigating.

So the query is what is it I cannot fix?
I’m not trying to fix another person’s problem, just my own by feeling a little more aware of my consumer exploitation.

Way off topic though, don’t you think :slight_smile:

There are topicca that deal explicitly with a) magnetic cables b) the fairtrade ones I’ve invested in and c) fairtrade in general.

The only relevance is that in this topic I have suspicions about the BIOS 3.09 and the cables I’m uisng. They were fine for the two days before I updated from 3.08. It could be a coincident.

But the issue has branched to a) if magentic cables are a good idea and b) that fairtrade isn’t good.

happy to discuss the branches but not in this topic.


So I am seeing an odd charing issue happen. It’s happened twice, and the first time I ignored it as a fluke.

I use hibernate instead of standby to help keep my battery charged. When I close my lid and the computer hibernates and then plug in my charger and walk away, the laptop doesn’t charge, despite showing orange glowing light.

I appears this is listed as a bug, however, it is when it’s in hibernate and not “powered off,” so I thought it was different. Just wanted to share that it happens in hibernate as well.

Windows 10
Batch 5 I7-1165

Electronically, hibernate is the same as powered off. The difference lies in the software side of things.

So, what you’re seeing is the same powered off not charging issue.

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Awesome thanks!


Hi, all. I wanted to add my own experience of this BIOS update, fwiw. My Framework hosts a dual boot system which uses a grub menu on boot and have an EFI partition. The two hosts are Windows11 and Kubuntu22.04.

I used the EFI solution, followed the posted directions and it ran without error. So far, so good but not any further.

After the install the system booted directly into Windows (the default OS). So something went wrong with grub during the BIOS update.

I had to force the boot into Kubuntu so I could re-run grub-customizer which restored the grub setup and menus as before.

Since then no known problems other than of course needed to reset the max battery charge level, which I had expected.

@David_Mischel thanks for the feedback. As noted in the release notes boot variables are erased on update. You can press F3 to access a 1 time boot menu to boot your linux boot entry, and then reinstall grub which will add the boot entry back to the bios.
Currently this is a limitation in the bios from our IBV.

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Thanks for the reply, Kieran. I am posting in the BIOS 3.10 thread and have a bit more to say there on this aspect.

Does the IBV have a utility to save and restore boot variables before and after the BIOS update, respectively?


Could we get a legend of the keys on the boot screen? at least when quiet boot is off?
like F2 => settings f3 => boot menu, etc. ?


So this seems to be an issue after waiting to plug it in per the note. I had this happen after waiting a while to plug it in, and then I unplugged it and plugged it back in and came back 2 hours later (computer was hibernated) and the battery was at 38%, where I left it the night before.

Yes it cannot be charged when powered OFF

Closing this thread since these bugs have been corrected in 3.10. Please do not upgrade to 3.09, please upgrade to 3.10 and if you have issues please post there.