Feature Request Megathread

I think an ease of use feature that would be nice to see added is the face recognition software that’s used to sign in.

A wireless kill switch like the StarFighter laptop from Starlabs has.

First and foremost, I’m extremely pleased with my DIY Framework 13 7840u. It’s a wonderful experience.

Features I’d love to see:

  1. Windows Hello Webcam (not to mention better webcam)
  2. Touchscreen option
  3. Desktop Build option (for non-DYI community)
  4. Better Audio, even on the 7040 the audio experience is poor.
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Framework is mssing:
Add-inn card with WWAN !
Windows Helo compatible WebCam

Better fan curve on the AMD series, first level needs to start at a lower rpm and not modulate so fast/often

hey there … i would like to see more options for the screen.

  1. lower resolution screen (100- ppi)
    the main reason is … i am 55+ and i cannot see the very little things on the screen with 200+ ppi :smiley: … side effect: laptops would a bit be cheaper

  2. multi screen options
    Working as a digital nomad i need more screen space … so i would like to see from framework some preparations (hardware-wise) and concepts for adding additional screen areas

  • Intel CPU option on the 16’, ideally with the new Thunderbolt 5 port
  • Real TKL keyboard (with standard Arrows + INS/DEL/HOME/END/PGUP/PDN), ideally with mechanical/tactile options.

These are both deal breakers for me!

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  • Standard TKL layout keyboard(80%)

  • Or, keypad for TLK layout support(arrows/INS/DEL/HOME/END/PGUP/PGDOWN)

Images from Keyboard Layouts – Custom KBD

It would be nice to have mechanical switch too.

  • lightweight battery with lower capacity for 16"

Including me, many people carry battery charger anyway regardless of battery time when going out with laptop just in case.

It would be nice to have smaller capacity battery as light as possible to reduce weight. This battery is only for short and minimal usage. It is supposed to carry battery charger for long or heavy usage.

Does the macropad not adequately satisfy this desire, also echoed by @kla? It’s not pretty having extra un-used keys, but it’s functionally equivalent isn’t it?

This is in the FWL13 subforum

  • First of all, standard TKL keyboard layout means a single module. This is different from the original keyboard with macro pad for duplication of arrow keys. This can provide much comfort experience because it is exactly same with desktop environment. For instance, you don’t mess up left Win key and Fn key because common TKL layout puts Fn key at right side. Also, in some countries including mine, right CTRL has unique roles so putting arrow keys under right shift instead of CTRL makes me uncomfortable.
  • Yes, it can be mimicked with macropad and as a matter of fact, I have tried this with many laptop keyboards which come with numpad using key mapping already. And, I always suffer from typo for unused keys around.
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Would it be possible to offer an alternate smaller-scale keyboard for smaller hands, ideally also with a bit more spring/depth in the keys? Would smaller keys leave room for more or better extras?

Nothing like the real Arrows and INS/DEL/HOME/END/PGUP/PGDOWN above them.
Without extra keys around or other gimmicks. I had to buy a Logitech 915 TKL simply cause I cant work on laptop keyboards.

As far as I know, only the HP Omen gaming laptops (models of '21/'22/'23) have a proper TKL keyboard, and that’s what I’m going after since Frame.work is settled on AMD, no thunderbolt and silly keyboard designs.

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I really wish Framework had a thinkpad style keyboard to buy.

When you are using GNOME terminal or VIM key bindings having real page up and down buttons, right now to the arrow keys is really useful.

Thinkpad keyboards are popular for a reason.


These have really gone up in price.

just bought a Framework 13 AMD as a test device for our company fleet.
Since the us no way to disable Pluton in UEFI, like on Lenovo Laptop’s this is a show stopper to by additional frameworks.

is on the way

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Gurlllllllll, I know. All kidding aside, I’m planning to install this.

The real TKL is even more useful, cause ITS EXACTLY like a normal keyboard, minus the -mostly useless- NumPad.

what is pluton exactly? Why is it such a deal breaker, I thought it was just another security based gimmick.

I went onto a dark path (relatively speaking) and got a not-so-repairable/upgradeable laptop (testing out my options, may / may not return it). Comparing that with the FL13, I have the following wish list / request. Some I know are not generally available in the laptop market…but that’s what will make it a differentiator for Framework, not only a repaiable laptop or a repairable laptop like other laptops. I hope for a Framework laptop that is best of breed, class-leading:

  • OLED display option, factory calibrated.
    (Near 100% for sRGB, AdobeRGB and DCI-P3. Such as the ATNA40YK20-0, though it’s not a 3:2)
  • Touchscreen option
  • NBD / overnight part shipping option (right now, even if one is willing to pay that price for overnight shipping, it’s not even a shipping option)
  • Esc/Fn-Lock LED indicator.
  • Muted speaker LED indicator.
  • Single hardware radio and network kill / stealth switch. (WiFi / Bluetooth / Ethernet silence)
  • Offer internal WWAN card option (i.e. with internal routed antenna)
  • Dedicated home / end / page up/down / insert keys.
  • Thicker chassis for:
    • 2nd internal M.2 2280 slot.
    • 99.9 Wh battery
    • More RAM modules (192GB+)
    • Larger heatsink
    • Better speakers.
    • Speaker placement: Up-firing or rear-firing (with bounce back…don’t know the right term for it) speakers
    • Move the lid close sensor to the lid away from the keyboard / lower chassis
  • Framework-developed graphical fan control solution (no compiling, no scripting, no config file editing), for Windows and supported Linux distro(s).
  • Framework-tuned speaker profile.
  • Microphone array with noise suppression (e.g. keyboard typing, fan noise suppression).
  • AKM DAC chip option
  • Firmware / BIOS built-in hardware diagnostic
  • Fix the display / lid bounce / resonance
  • Fix / enhance battery charging threshold behaviour