Feature Request Megathread

Honestly, why are you doing that…
Running it in Software sucks already (PyTorch still doesn’t support Intel graphics), if you’re serious about AI, then use an eGPU connected to a card actually meant to run these things!!
Spending money on more RAM will be pointless for you.

Riight, kinda forgot the intel one exists there XD.

Pro: you can reuse the ddr4 you have, con: it’s ddr4

Well in other occasions I have a lot of tabs that I have opened. But to run that model I didn’t run the browser and so on. The purpose was to try and figure out what it can do.

Do you think that it would be possible to connect NVIDIA A100 as an eGPU? Because if you suggest that I should use an external GPU then why not use something which is advertised as the top of the line?

48gb… 4800EUR…

I think that additional RAM price is a little different… maybe 20x…
Stick of my currently installed RAM costs 80€ (so actually it’s 60times as cheap to buy additional 32GB of RAM):

Sure, you can put pretty much any pcie device in an egpu enclosure and compute is a lot easier to egpu than 3d/display.

Thanks for sharing the dedicated thread, i’ll post there instead. But I don’t think this is really a concern that should matter, because no one would expect to get display port or charging functionality via USB-A. And it’s fine to just say that it’s not possible – if the company trusts their customers to put a laptop together and bring their own components, then I’m sure you can trust people to know what their USB hub is capable of.

Edit: That thread is about USB-C, I was suggesting USB-A.

While true, it’s bigger and probably bulkier, and will likely cost more. So it makes little sense to get it for this reason alone, just getting an external USB hub would be far more cost and weight efficient.

I understand the rest of the points though! Thanks.

Fan control in Windows (custom fan curve).
Unlimited CPU Turbo boost (make it possible to be unlocked).

Hey, I’m new here, so sorry if there’s a better way to go about this and I’m unaware. I didn’t see this suggested anywhere else, and I think this is the place to do so. I think it’d be really cool if framework offered bezels with pride flag coloring! I’d certainly get one, and I imagine it’d be a fun thing to release around pride month!

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While I would also love this, I don’t know how feasible it would be to make a multi-colored bezel. There’s a good reason all the current options are just a single color. That said, It would be cool to someday see other Framework Pride merch, either made by the company or community!

That’s fair. Though, for stuff like that which framework couldn’t afford to keep in stock like their other products, maybe it’d be possible to do a limited edition run of them? Either way, I understand that it’s not a priority for them at the moment.

The current bezels seem to be done just through coloring the plastic used for molding it. I don’t think their current process works for multi-colored bezels. If we do see bezels like that, I think it won’t be for quite some time, unfortunately.

Maybe not quite as cool, but decals could be an option now. I believe you can get vinyl decals cut in custom shapes. Getting a single piece decal done I imagine might be expensive, but perhaps done in 4 pieces instead wouldn’t be too bad.

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not sure how well this works, but as we can easily remove the bezel, you could try (spray)painting it yourself? but im no expert in painting, so idk which colors or materials would work best… sounds like a fun diy project tho :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah, that does sound like a fun project! :smiley:

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I personally think that Framework still has to perfect their framework 13 laptop. I have seen many reviews that have stated problems that I am experiencing as well. To start I think there is a big issue with the audio and the trackpad. The audio is pretty bad and the quality sounds different depending where you seat your device. Am I playing with the Minecraft Note block or am I just trying to watch a YouTube video. After some use the trackpad feels mushy (the best way I can describe it).

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Do you have the 80dB speakers?

I do hate downward firing speakers. At minimal, they should be directed out the sides

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Being honest with you, I don’t know which speakers I have. I have the speakers that come with the laptop when you buy them. I don’t remember modifying my purchase in terms of the audio.

Ok, which gen Framework-13 do you have?

The 13th Gen comes with the 80dB speakers. For the 11th & 12th gen, they come with the original speakers, but you can switch to the 80dB ones. Chromebook version also comes with 80dB.

So I got the laptop Framework 13 with the 13 gen intel core. I want to buy the speakers, but I am about to move out to my Uni dorms and I am haven’t been in the mood the open and switch out components in my laptop. I want to do it when I get fully situated in my dorm. Also thank you for helping me out! Have you seen anything about the trackpad being “mushy?”

If you have the 13th gen then you already have the 80dB speakers. The original speaker kit might technically have “more accurate audio fidelity” but they are quieter and to most people, louder sounds better.

I recall seeing someone who had a lot of travel in their touchpad physical click. More than there is supposed to be, if I recall. You could take a video and create a thread with it & then others could see if it’s normal.

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Keys Keys KEYS! The desperately needed PageUp PageDown Home and End keys and … the good old menu key (hamburger key between CTRL and ALT GR), though the latter could be a customizable key, place whatever key you want there.

And of course full size cursor block, best would be extended to the downside (no more rectangular keyboard, rather with a notch).

Worth a consideration is a 7th row above the F1-F12 row containing all special keys (play, pause, wifi…).

Target audience of Framework should be tech savvy and rather keyboard-prone.

That seems like a small target audience. For Framework to succeed they need to appeal to a market beyond tech-savvy hardware enthusiasts.