Feature Request Megathread

This is basically asking for a complete re-design

  1. A Larger Body
  • A 15"
  • Larger capacity battery
  • More ports
  • Optional Numpad
  1. RISC-V Motherboard
  • Furthering open-source with OpenISA
  • No Pluton Core, No Intel Management Engine, No AMD Platform Security Processor
  1. Libreboot
  • Alongside the RISC-V board and lack of a proprietary processor management engine, we could get firmware like Libreboot working
  1. Trackpoint
  • As an option in keyboard customization, Trackpoint would be amazing and bring in the people buying the HP Dev One and ThinkPads
  1. Replace the Windows Logo with the Framework Logo
  • Framework has attracted a lot of attention amongst Linux users. An OS-agnostic Meta key would suite it well.
  1. Physical Switch for the Trackpad
  • With the availability of a Trackpoint or simply with the use of an external mouse, being able to have a physical switch to turn off the trackpad that you can visually identify it being in the on/off state would be nice
  1. Bifurcated Type-C Modules
  • In the external space on the modules, you could fit two type-c ports
  1. FN Toggle Indicator
  • An LED to identify if FN is toggled on/off
  1. 180-degree hinge
  • Allows the display to rotate and lay flat on the keyboard without exposed keys
  1. Touchscreen
  • Another customizability option
  • Would almost be necessary with a 360-degree hinge
  • A physical switch would be nice to toggle touch capabilities
  1. Second NVMe Slot
  • Expandable storage
  1. 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Smoother Experience
  1. No Logo
  • Customizability option to remove the logo from the chassis
  1. Physical Switch for ‘Airplane Mode’
  • Toggles Wifi+Bluetooth
  1. Wacom Touchpad
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Use of Pens
  1. Pen Slot
  • Somewhere to store the pen when not in use
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Well that’s not a redesign it’s a whole new product.

Do you really think Framework are going to dump the 13.5" and screw the ‘sustainabilty’ and longevity, or do you have the finances to support a whole new laptop which you are about to invest in Framework.

Maybe you could ask them how much it would cost to make as you want. :slight_smile:

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Not dumping the 13", most manufacturers offer multiple sizes

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What manufactuers are they, Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell . . . .

Do you realy think Framework have enough finances to expand, I think you are either unaware of the costs and unaware that Framework is a startup new business, or ???

I image Framework’s profit is less than 0.001% of any of those ‘other manufacturers’ that’s if they have any profit at this stage.

chill. This is basically just a wishlist
not demanding they do everything right now

Yes it’s very warm here and your post just elevates the temp.

No problem, will take of my shirt, but the climate isn’t getting cooler.

There’s what you would like, and there’s what you would like others to do for you ~ Feature request ~ more like future dreams :slight_smile: and still the climate warms.

Won’t be responding :slight_smile: far too hot a subject

I know this is just aesthetics and probably a waste of manpower now, could we like theme the BIOS? Be it Coreboot or InsydeOS. Kinda like ASUS Laptops/PC BIOS with a Framework branding.

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tbh I would like this as well, although prob a good idea for it to wait considering as you said it is a bit of a waste of manpower :rofl: , it would look way better then the standard blue white which really isn’t nesessary anymore as it’s UEFI not legacy!


Yea, it has quite a few available features, just thought it is a shame (considering how modern it looks). That being said, it is just aesthetics.

Another one I just thought of was XMP, in hopes of speeding up the Iris XE using faster RAM.

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Haha memory overclocking would be great, I’m not certain if it’s supported by the proccessor though! Intel has a thing with locking down features that used to be up to the motherboard manufacturers!

Only thread I found related to this:

Rather lonely guy…

Edit: Tbh XMP isn’t great for power consumption though, I’d prefer raw memory overclocking :smiley:
I don’t really know much about XMP and mobile proccessors though, I’d have to do more research to see if it’s even possible!

Edit #toomanyedits: Looks like it’s only available ever on high end gaming laptops.

At least on desktops, people have been able to do it on “locked” 11th Gen CPUs. I think XMP is kinda easier on support for troubleshooting though. I had overclocked RAM on my 5900x PC but switched back because I needed rock solid stability.


That sounds promising! If it’s possible XMP would be amazing! Although desktops are also just as a fact less controlled by the chip manufacturer. I do agree with XMP being more stable, but it also leaves a fair bit of performance on the table as well as power reductions (although it typically goes in the other direction)! Haha I’ve also had my fair share of memory related crashes :).

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Not trying to single out amoun, but you are the most recent person I’ve seen here to take another person’s post a little too seriously, so I’m using you as an example. I just want to remind everyone commenting on this thread, that it was started by a user as a way of discussing all things that users want to see in the future of Framework products, both existing and new.

What I’m trying to say is that this thread is neither a list of things that Framework HAS to do, nor is it a thread of things that Framework will NEVER do. It is equally likely that things talked about here will or will not be implemented in the future.

Most importantly, lets all try to keep the conversation civil. There is no reason to put others down for the things that they share, just like there is no reason that you should get angry if the ideas you share here never end up becoming reality. We want to encourage the sharing of creative ideas and innovations that could be.

P.S. Another thing is that just because Framework may not implement the ideas in this thread, does not mean that there isn’t precedent for community mods/upgrades based on ideas from this thread!


I would like to see an OLED panel option.

Having used one from Asus for the past couple of days, it’s really great for content consumption at the very least. To content creators, I’m guessing this would contribute to being a deal maker / breaker.

I was excited about the new 120Hz Asus OLEDs on their new Vivobook S’s, but there are a couple gotchas - while they advertise 600 nits, it’s only for HDR mode. For non-HDR content, brightness was measured to be limited to <400 nits. The other issue is that PWM was measured at 240Hz, which seems like it would be problematic for a lot of people. Here’s Notebookcheck’s review of the 2022 Vivobook S 14X’s display (Intel version): Asus VivoBook S 14X S5402Z review: World's first 14.5-inch 2.8K 120 Hz OLED laptop - NotebookCheck.net Reviews

I’m all for a higher-end display upgrade option but I’d like at least 500-600 real nits available for brightness, and no PWM flicker for an upgraded (120Hz VRR, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut) display. Asus actually uses a for me, a panel that covers all the bases (NE140QDM-NX1/BOE0A1D) for their 2022 ROG Zephyrus 14, but it’s 16:10, so the exact model wouldn’t fit in the Framework.

Thinking of returning the laptop because of this.

I use the ignore feature to deal with this sort of thing. I freely ignore those who have an axe to grind, are habitually angry, and those prolific posters who just seem to like the sound of their own voice while adding little to the conversation. Great feature that allows me to just get on with learning from others and accessing the information I’m looking for.


It would be cool to see a gaming laptop that you can upgrade but be cheaper to upgrade then to buy a new one i would totally buy one if they ever make one

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Not sure where to put this but I am interested in developing a ultrathin desktop/portable gaming/GPU compute platform using mainboard, but there’s a few little things I really wish it had.

  1. Bios-level adjustments for the following:
  • XMP support, memory frequency adjustment, memory timing adjustment, support for 1.2v and 1.35v dram voltages
  • vCore offset +/-
  1. 2nd M.2 slot, a necessity for attaching a GPU efficiently without having to use SATA or USB for a boot disk, and also providing further modularity for expansion cards. Thunderbolt just isn’t enough bandwidth.

  2. Support for higher performance cooling options, either something designed in-house or some kind of pure copper adapter plate to use with existing products so it can handle the boost clock TDP continuously without thermal throttle.

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Starting to use my Framework laptop a bit more recently (now that it has the hinge fixed). And I’d like to see if the fingerprint authentication experience can be improved:
Power button-initiated power up to capture fingerprint at that first power button press, then pass to Windows for authentication without further user interaction.

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