FedEx not delivering packages to forwarding service

I understand that its a moderation feature. But editing a title to misrepresent the content of the thread, so that the title can be a little more “objective”, is a super frustrating move. You are essentially indirectly saying that my support experience is my own fault and hiding the fact that im unhappy with it. both from FedEx and Framework.

You have more control over the title then me, and im the create of this thread.

It might be a good feature for dealing with trolls or when a issue has been solved/identified.

But making edits in a discussion in which you have no part in is pretty bad.

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@junaruga Didn’t mean it to be offensive or anything, it’s just easier to grasp what is happening.

This is totally not your fault at all! It’s FedEx’s for not informing you in advance on where your package is and why they’re doing an inspection.

FedEx is a really bad company when it comes to transparency and communication with the customer. They have annoyed me countless times in the past as they have many people.

Don’t worry it’ll work out alright eventually! Sometimes you have to give these couriers some leeway in the form of time. :blush:

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I honestly can see all of your points. I just think the title should as specific and objective as possible to help other users find relevant information and not a place to vent. You can do that in your posts, no one is stopping you.

Should you have gotten a response quicker than three weeks. Yea, probably. Honestly Framework was probably trying to figure out what was going on. I’m sure people violating their terms of sale isn’t the first thing they jump to.

Would you have gotten a faster response in the forum? Yes, absolutely.
Would any of this even be a thing if you didn’t try to forward to a country that isn’t allowed? Nope.

While I agree that Fedex really should have been keeping their customers informed, saying none of this is his fault is being a little forgiving.

Other than Framework being able to ship to more countries, are forwarding services the only other option?

Waiting is an option, but not all of us have that liberty.

While ordering another laptop is an option, if I had the choice between that and using a forwarding service if I didn’t have the time to wait I’d choose the forwarding service because the FW laptop is a one of a kind and I would never not want to support this company!


Customer service on a public forum is also kinda bad.
I would have preferred to handle my case in private with framework using their support system. That approach was not effective at all.

Venting on some public forum was the next to last option and that is a failure of their customer service.

Im happy that this thread has been able the shed some light on the fedex freigth forwarding experience, and maybe discourage other stupid people like me who expect fedex to do their job.

What we need is a Framework courier service of other owners you can ship your laptop to so they can deliver it. XD

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Yea I agree with that for most places. Here though, I have seen a lot of rants become improvements in the product and I don’t know if they would have the same affect if they were sent privately vs already having the visibility in the public.

That sucks you have to deal with that. If I lived somewhere near you that they could be delivered to I’d have happily found some way to get it to you more reliably.

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I’ve wanted to get my hands on a Fairphone forever, but they do not sell to the US.
And I’ve been waiting for years.

Yes, I should ask you before renaming the title. Sorry about that. I didn’t intend to blame you.

I think when you are frustrated, you want to be heard, blaming other people with emotional words is not effective to gain the result you want. Do you want to listen naturally to the words of people who are upset with the emotional words?


The forum needs a support section for members with “Emotional damage(s)”. :rofl:


All too often I see, as mentioned above, users wanting emotional support for how they consider they have been treated, not just by Framework but by FedEx and other users.

I agree with the title change and it makes sense that some users have that option. They, I for one, do not have the option of editing the posts, only the title.

It is painful to see an emotional title unless of course that is the whole point in which case there will be emotional responses. OK that’s fine after all the OP wasn’t looking for help with their laptop they just wanted to complain.

  • So complaints about Framework can go direct to them rather than the forum.

  • Complaints about FedEx can go to them not here please.

  • Warnings about poor service from Framework can clearly be voiced here but that is support for the emotions of the OP and in doing so no doubt are trying to get some support for their situation. Well that may not go smoothly as this is primarily a forum to help with issue around the laptop not the emotions of the users.

But emotions happen when the brain can’t process the surroundings in a way that they had planned and expected and there’s only one person responsible for that, and guess who that is


And users can read up:


New plan:

Hire a barge and barge person, revert to old industrial delivery system of using Canals for transport. Across all supported countries with canals

Hire a kid on a bike to deliver product from barge to door.


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This! Let’s go for a revolution of canal utopia. We can all live in our own version of Amsterdam.

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With the decreased shipping costs, priority delivery on the delivery round from the barge to door should cost you approximately 1 bag of crunchy M&M’s!

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Quick update for my case: FedEx finally delivered the package and got it successfully freight forwarded with no additional issues :slight_smile:


@Just_S Which one did you use? Just out of curiosity. :relaxed:

@Cheese i used the German address from forward2me and forwarded it to the Nordics

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