FedEx not delivering packages to forwarding service

My new framework laptop has been stuck in shipping for over a month now.
FEDEX Germany is uncontactable. FEDEX France(where the package is stuck) says its Germanys problem.

I have opened 2 tickets with Framework support(a week apart!) both getting forward to the logistics team and they are waiting to FEDEX to respond(which i don’t think the will). The support team have stopped responding.

Should i just do a chargeback and try to buy a framework again?

What are my options? Package stuck. All support channels are stonewalling.


There’s no guarantee that a re-purchase will not fall into the same logistic blackhole.

If you can wait, then wait. Otherwise, initiate a chargeback and go with something that’s available in-store.

Fedex sucks with small shipments. Aslong as you’re not a massive corporate entity they don’t care. - Usually with some patience it’ll arrive a bit later. Fedex might suck but losing packages doesn’t happen a lot. :blush:

Framework can’t really do a lot. It’s fully up to Fedex at this point.

I’m really sorry about your shipping experience! Hope it works out. Also, welcome to the forum!

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@Jonas_Rudloff Our Head of Logistics has been involved in this case and we’re working directly with FedEx. It seems that you are using a freight forwarder to ship your product to an unsupported country, which is why there has been a significant delay. It is important to note that we do not support freight forwarding and have more information in our knowledge base located HERE.

After searching the forwarder address you provided on the Internet, there are others that have reported issues with shipments to this address. We’ll continue to attempt to assist, but again, Framework does not support the usage of freight forwarder to ship to unsupported countries/regions.


I understand that you can’t Insure the package after it has been delivered by FedEx. I just want FedEx to do their job, and deliver the goddamn package. As far as I understand they specialize in delivering packages.

I am open to other options, like either getting it redirected to Denmark, or me picking it up at a FedEx location in Germany.

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Wow, @Jonas_Rudloff completely left that out in the OP.

So, which hop is it currently stuck in?
Framework → Freight forwarder?
Freight forwarder → Jonas?


Stuck at FedEx in France before Freight forwarder, ie. Framework or FedEx is still responsible for the package.

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FedEx is aware they are trying to deliver to a freight forwarder in Germany and seem to have held up the package during Customs clearance in France due to the address provided. I’ve escalated for further review, but there’s a chance we’ll need to perform an RTS (Return to Sender) and will not be able to support this shipment. We’ll continue to provide updates to @Jonas_Rudloff, but this is exactly why we do not support freight forwarding.


Oh yeah, don’t use freight forwarders. Packages get inspected like crazy and then they get put in a queue to get back into circulation to ship which takes a while.

This has nothing to do with FW and their support.

Hope you get your Framework! :blush:


To @Jonas_Rudloff’s defense, our logistics team was slow to respond as he was waiting for an update since his inquiry on the 19th and only received an update on the 29th. We should have provided an update sooner (but FedEx was not engaging), so we own that breakdown in comms. We’ll either get an update on progress or execute the RTS.


I’m stuck in the same exact situation. I assumed that it’s just incompetence from FedEx, didn’t think it’s due to freight forwarding(not saying they are not incompetent).
Do share if you find options to pick it up in person, return to sender or do anything to get it moving in either direction

Edit: the very next day after complaining, the package moved forward. Package was held for exactly 2 weeks in France.

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Hello all,

After working with FedEx, there are some orders that got through, and some that required RTS execution. Please understand that freight forwarding causes a number of logistical hurdles on our side which can result (and does in many cases) seizure in Customs and failed deliveries. Not only this, we are unable to provide hardware warranty support to unsupported countries, as we are not authorized to exist in those countries/regions, nor do we have logistics support there. While individuals initially claim they are fine with the risks, when something happens, and we are unable to assist, the being “fine” goes right out the door and frustration/anger kicks into overdrive. We’re doing what we can to expand our global footprint in the proper, legal way. By freight forwarding, you are knowingly bypassing our Terms of Sale to receive product where it is not authorized to be. Not only that, you are providing us false information for billing as it is simply a clone of the freight forwarders information in order to bypass our order system checks for matching billing/shipping country.


I asked elsewhere, but in the event that a country does become supported, even with a use of freight forwarder, will you then support that purchase?

If the SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) in the purchase are available in that region, yes, but the Warranty starts from the original shipment/delivery date. There are times where certain items are only available in certain countries/regions.


That is a very pro-consumer move, very laudable.

We’re just trying to follow the rules, regulations, and laws set forth by each country where our product lands. If we’re seen by their authorities as attempting to bypass the established system, we can be flagged, fined, or even blocked from entering the country legally in the future. We know customers just want to get their hands on a Framework Laptop, but they have to understand that it’s far more complicated than just physically getting product into their hands. There’s tax declarations, e-waste considerations (as some countries restrict certain items from entry or charge fees to account for e-waste that could occur), component classification and clearance, and the list goes on and on and on. We always want to be pro-consumer, but we’re not going to put the company, its employees, or our future at risk to bend/break rules in order to do so.


Wonder if there should be a clause added regarding freight forwarding is at their own risk in the purchase agreement or something. (if one isn’t already there)

No means no…applies here.

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I personally would think it would be obvious when a customer’s address is rejected as invalid. Grey market goods obviously shouldn’t be supported. It is nice to know there is a path to legitimacy for those who take the risk to import the laptop and risk no support.

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I’m thinking in the case of seizures…not just support.

Framework shouldn’t need to expose itself to additional risk for non-supported / non-sale regions.

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That…is a very good point