Feedback FW13 AMD + GPD G1 on Linux

A simple post here to give some feedback on the use of the GPD G1 on a FW13 AMD and Linux, in one word: Amazing.

I am running NIxOS with kernel 6.9.7 and I only had to plug the G1 using the USB4 cable to use it. I first thought I would have to set the DRI_PRIME variable but it seems not be the case at least in the game I’ve tested. Diablo IV for instance is hitting 100 fps on high using the internal display (~40 fps with the iGPU).

I am honestly very surprised on the ease of use. I will try to do more test (especially the dock functions and stability) in the coming days but overall and for the moment I am very satisfied. with the product.


I’m on kernel 6.9.8 under Arch. Are you using the mainline kernel amdgpu driver? Was there any specific setup required or was this basically plug and play? I might have to order this too :slight_smile:

Yes I am using the mainline.
I did not setup anything special it was pretty straight forward.
I used all-ways-egpus to ensure the egpu is used on external display.
I noticed 2 things:

  • the laptop takes more time to post when booting with the egpu plugged
  • the OS crashes if I unplug the egpu even if no app is using it.

This is awesome to hear, haven’t tried my Coolermaster eGPU on the AMD board yet.