[RESPONDED] AMD Upgrade and eGPUs?

I currently have a 12gen (1240p) 13 inch FW laptop and I’m thinking of upgrading it to the AMD variant. The only thing that’s stopping me is the eGPU (thunderbolt/USB4) support. Not sure if it’ll work. I have a Razer Core X with an RX5500XT which i do use in gaming (with certain demanding games) Should i upgrade? would it continue working? I run Linux BTW (openSUSE Tumbleweed)

I preface this with the fact that I know very little on if it works, but

By all accounts upgrading should be fine and the egpu should work, albeit you will have to be mindful of which port you plug the egpu into (since not all the ports on the AMD are USB4)

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Hmm, that’s a really good question. The blog page mentions it can support an eGPU on either of the back two ports via “fully capable” USB4, so I am guessing that means USB4 2.0 with host-enabled PCIe tunneling.

It could be like the 11th gen Intel, where it supports it but did not have Intel’s vendor certification (and I know TB works on 11th Gen as I’m using it right now with an eGPU dock and an nVidia 2080 Super) even though it wasn’t certified.

As far as linux compatibility, USB 4.0 v2 support was present beginning with kernel 5.6 and the stable repo for Tumbleweed shows the kernel is 6.4 so I think you’d be all right there (you should check your kernel just in case, though).

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Thank you all!

Yep (echoing Gary), while we don’t officially test eGPUs at this time, we do test TB extensively.

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