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Is it something you can do online? Got a link? My interest is piqued

Unfortunately nothing you can do online. Those were psychological experiments designed in the 1950s to show the extent to which people would shape their beliefs and/or stated opinions based on social pressure. They did not show that most people allow social pressure to shape their opinions most of the time, but that many do often enough to be troubling. Wikipedia is usually not my go-to source, but there’s a summary here:

I posed the question more or less as a form of self-reflection: How much do people think themselves to be susceptible to social pressure or influence in their beliefs and opinions?

As for me, very much so

I often criticize the number of trucks on the road in America as singularly pointless

Many people don’t need them and could pay to rent a truck for an hour or 2 for like $20 for the occasional need that arises

I feel that it is advertising that has influenced that desire to own a truck

So yeah, I’d say that the idea social norms influence opinion is something I would agree with-myself included

Well, that’s no exactly the point, though the extent to which people can be persuaded by advertisement or propaganda is probably somehow related to it.

It’s more like this: Suppose the overwhelming majority of people in your social circle believes A, but you look into the matter yourself and you see strong evidence that A is not the case. How likely are you to let the belief of the people in your circle outweigh the evidence you have?

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I just hope I can get my new laptop soon… before the world sinks below sea level or collides with the sun.


@offtobettershores Ah, actually I remember watching tapes of this experiment in psych class

I’d say not too influenced, I get uncomfortable when I’m amongst friends and I feel like I’m in a minority position but I tend to speak up when I think others are wrong, regardless of who it is

It’s actually gotten me in trouble before tbh


Please take the climate change conversation somewhere else. People who don’t believe the science are beyond convincing, and this is the wrong forum for that discussion.


You don’t have to read it if it offends your pieties.

And please don’t send me more unsolicited PMs.

This post was for framework announcing that their shipping is Carbon offset not to debate about climate change, take it somewhere else.


God yes! I’m as green and introspective about it as the next guy, but who isn’t getting ridiculously tired about the relentless onslaught of regurgitated unoriginal drivel about the legitimacy of science in every completely inappropriate spot they turn?

Tell me more about the orange bezel I’m going to get SOON, or pipe down!


My guess is that all of you just want to shut up a point of view you personally disagree with. It’s a conversation that can follow from the announcement itself, so I don’t buy this “it’s inappropriate” snivelling for a minute.

But out of consideration for the people who have to keep this place organised I have said before and say it again: I’m happy for the conversation to be moved.

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I’ll remind everyone here of the community guidelines especially the part where it says

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I think the post was taken at face value as enthusiasm for alternate bezels and not a response to you


This was exactly why, as I am excited as well for our bezels to be in stock. I do not care to entertain arguments or drama.

@offtobettershores I apologize if you feel as if my like was not appropriate. I was simply enjoying their enthusiasm as it was a step away from the previous conversation. I did not think people would perceive it poorly which I do apologize for.

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This, I don’t like it either. But please note that the conversation was going smoothly and polite and even winding down to a close when some other users decided that it was ok to send me rude DMs. As the holder of unpopular opinions I know I’m less likely to get a break. In the end, however, it does not matter that much and I’m more than happy to move on as there are more positive things to talk about.

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“ You don’t have to read it if it offends your pieties.

And please don’t send me more unsolicited PMs.”

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And this is what I wanted to avoid…

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