Shipping season is upon us, starting with Batch 1 of Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel Core)!

Hello friends!

It’s shipping season yet again, starting with Batch 1 of Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel Core) orders. As this is the first time for many new Framework Laptop soon-to-be owners, we wanted to share some information about how this whole shipping thing works. We’ve seen online Community spreadsheets created to try to calculate exactly when specific orders will ship, but unfortunately, that won’t work, especially in the early batches, as we’re hand-to-mouth for incoming inventory as it’s coming in hot from our manufacturing partner. The important thing to note is that everything is dependent on every part of your order (as you configured it) being available to ship together. We do not split shipments given we ship directly from Taiwan to the customer, regardless of where they are geographically. Here is the order of priority for determining shipping position:

Product Availability (all items) > Batch # > Timing of Order Placement

While we do everything in our power to make sure that we close out a Batch before starting to ship the next one, depending on product/SKU availability, which can be complicated by manufacturing yield issues, quality control checks, etc., it may be necessary to start shipping certain SKUs from the next batch while we await the incoming product. That said, when the product arrives, it is prioritized first, and is shipped as quickly as we can receive the inbound, pack, and ship the full order out. This is so that our logistics/warehousing partner is not sitting on idle resources as they are assigned to handle our outbound shipments and that the backlog of shipments do not start queueing up to cause other downstream delays.

It’s going to be a busy year as we have not only Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel Core), but then Framework Laptop 13 (Ryzen 7040 Series), and finally, Framework Laptop 16.

Thanks for all of your support, and as always, we’ll keep the Community updated on our progress.