Now in stock and how a Framework Laptop gets from the factory to you

We’ve shipped all pre-orders for the latest Framework Laptop (12th Gen Intel® Core™) and are now in stock for all configurations. This means if you order today, your Framework Laptop will typically ship out within a week, and in some cases, it’ll land on your doorstep inside that time too! We’ve streamlined our production and fulfillment processes substantially over the last year. As we detailed in an earlier blog post, laptop manufacturing takes place in our factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Packaged systems then head over to our fulfillment center that is also in Taoyuan next to the international airport. From there, we ship out directly to all countries we currently have ordering open in: US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Ireland, Austria, Netherlands, and Australia.

For most shipments, we currently use FedEx’s International Priority Direct Distribution program. This is a freight consolidation service, where we load up each package going into a specific region (Europe, UK, Australia, US, or Canada) onto pallets and send them together for efficiency. Once the pallets land in the target region, they clear customs together, and FedEx breaks them back out into individual packages to deliver them using their Priority service. This is a super fast way to ship laptops, but it’s not quite as cost effective as it needs to be for smaller EU, UK, and Australia Marketplace orders. We’re working through setting up cheaper but slower shipping infrastructure as an option for Marketplace orders in the future. This is all infrastructure we’ll continue to extend on as we enter new countries.

In summary, we now have stock available and shipping within a week of the following products:

  1. For all countries, all configurations of the latest Framework Laptop (12th Gen Intel® Core™), starting at $819/€959
  2. For UK/DE/FR/NL/IE/AT, a few remaining discounted configurations of Framework Laptop (11th Gen Intel® Core™), starting at €829

You may have noticed by this point that we haven’t been running time-based promotions, even for major retail holidays like Black Friday. In fact, we don’t have a coupon or promo field on our website at all. Our philosophy is that we don’t want to entice you to buy electronic products seasonally when you may or may not need them and by the same token hold off on purchasing in hopes of a future sale. Instead, we want to keep pricing stable and predictable and encourage you to pick up a product, replacement part, or upgrade module when you actually do need it. When we release new versions of a product or module, we discount older versions until we run out of stock. When we have product returns, we refurbish them and sell them at a lower price than new. We believe this is a better way to build and sell products, and we hope you do too.

With holiday seasons coming up, we also want to make it as easy as possible to give a Framework Laptop as a gift. We’ve enabled a holiday extension to our standard 30-day return window in all countries ordering is open to. For orders placed between November 16th and December 10th, 2022, we’ll extend the return date to January 10th, 2023.


That is fantastic news, I’ve put in 2 orders since my original purchase; the freight per unit item on the first was Ok with 4 items, the second order with only one item, the wireless card, was expensive. Having prices kept down by using a slower delivery service sounds great from my perspective, looking forward to seeing this happen in the future.

My original purchase of the laptop took only about 6 weeks, I was impressed with that going on reports from earlier batches with the production issues. I’ve found the fedex delivery service to North Queensland Australia fantastic. The first 2 deliveries were on time and in good condition. The last order due today or tomorrow, has been delayed about 2 days by an “operational delay” in Singapore. Funnily enough that suits me fine as my travel plans to go down to Cairns, about 200 Km (or 120 Miles) from my home, match in perfectly with that so I’m still happy with the service :slight_smile: .

Keep up the good work and congratulations on the progress. Cheers, yeti.


Does this mean geo-expansion will be faster or does that have no effect on that?

I’m a little confused by this, because I got an email with this content in it, including:

“We’ve shipped all pre-orders for the latest Framework Laptop (12th Gen Intel® Core™) and are now in stock for all configurations.”

but the same day I got an email saying:

“We wanted to let you know that we are currently waiting on an inbound shipment of Ethernet Expansion Cards to our warehouse in Taiwan in order to be able to fulfill your order. The shipment is expected to land early next week, at which point we will capture final payment of your order and ship as quickly as possible. Apologies for the delay!”

So… should I be worried that my pre-order got lost in the cracks somewhere?

If you had an Ethernet Expansion Card in your order and received that email, your order is unfortunately held up until the batch of Ethernet Expansion Cards land and can be bundled with your order. Your order is slated to ship sometime next week. We are completely out of Ethernet Expansion Cards at the 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) warehouse where our Framework Laptops ship from. We’re sorry for the delay.

Thanks much, I see! Can I modify my order to remove that (I can always order it separately), or is it too late or otherwise not a good idea?

I’d just hang tight. The shipment of Ethernet Expansion Cards is already inbound and should be brought into inventory early next week. They will be prioritized to be applied to the outstanding orders first and foremost, including your order.

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No effect on our existing geo-expansion plans. We’re still doing what we can to enter more countries officially in 2023 and beyond.


@Twistgibber I see the same delay as others. My payment for a Gen 12 has gone through 100%. But my Laptop still shows as “Confirmed”. I assume this is because I have an Ethernet module in the order? {Order number R811664025}

My question is more than just anticipation: my current daily laptop is getting flaky and I am hoping that my new Framework laptop arrives in time for me to avoid buying a hold over machine. Any insights you have would be much appreciated.



I’m in the same boat as @Bluto — waiting on a replacement laptop that just shows “Confirmed.” However, I didn’t order an Ethernet module. Are there other modules causing delays?

I just ordered a brand new 12th gen config last Friday and still see just “order confirmed” as well.

Hopefully it’s just the weekend “lull” and the upcoming US holiday doesn’t affect things too much.

(I didn’t get any other emails as of yet besides the original order placed one)

@Bluto @hellerud If you have questions about shipping timing or status on individual orders, please contact Framework Support. Also, if you had a Ethernet Expansion Card on your order, that is indeed why it was delayed, they are landing this week and outstanding orders with them are being prioritized. Thanks for your patience.

@Twistgibber I did contact support with this exact question and got a non-answer. Thus moving over to the Community. I am not trying to be a pain. I am getting much more info here than from support.

I sent a support request with an exact order number, and I got an answer of “It already shipped” - which was true for another order, but not my new laptop.

I would include the “ticket” number from that support session, but there are no ticket or issue numbers, just emails back and forth.

@Bluto I see what happened. You have two orders in the system and one is indeed shipped (the Storage Expansion Card). I’ll discuss this with the team and tell them they need to be more careful when researching orders.

Your Framework Laptop Order has not yet shipped, but should ship out this week. I’ve checked on the status of the receipt of the inbound Ethernet Expansion Cards and am waiting on a response from our Head of Logistics. Our apologies for the misinformation in Support.



Thank you very much. As I said above, I am not (soley) being neurotic here. My current production laptop has developed issues and I am trying to decide if I need to buy a quick replacement to get through the next few weeks. This is not the fault of anyone on your end. I could have gone to Amazon and ordered a laptop that works well enough on Linux and gotten it in one day. But I decided I really wanted a Framework; and I am aware that your production is not real-time.

So I will hang tight. Just FYI: When an order is delayed, it might be nice to see a note with a few more details on the order, but again, I know you folks are trying to work out all the kinks.

@Bluto Oh, please know that you are completely in the right to be frustrated as we captured final payment five days ago on your order and it still hasn’t shipped. We’re supposed to ship fairly quickly after capturing final payment. The Ethernet Expansion Card delay threw a kink into the shipments as they were supposed to land last week. International logistics can be challenging unfortunately. I just heard back from the Head of Logistics and they said that the Ethernet Expansion Card shipment landed and the remaining outstanding orders with the item have now been charged, meaning that they are processing all of the outstanding, including yours, for shipment now. You should hopefully have tracking within 1-2 days. If not, please ping me directly, and I can investigate for you, but all signs are pointing to you being taken care of imminently.


@Twistgibber Thanks for the update. I 'll (try to) be patient :wink:

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Just shipped! Thanks for the update!


Hi @Bluto and others,

We’ve been pinging our 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) partner in Taiwan as the Ethernet Expansion Cards have still not been properly brought into inventory and we still have about 67 outstanding orders that are waiting for the ECs to be picked/packed/shipped with their corresponding Framework Laptops. Our Logistics Manager in Asia will be in contact with our partner in the morning their time (US evening today) to find out why we haven’t been able to get these orders out the door. We sincerely apologize for the delay and we’re doing everything we can to get these outstanding orders processed as quickly as possible.

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Yet another update this Thanksgiving Day. For @Bluto and others still waiting for shipment, we were able to get the Ethernet Expansion Cards in stock and working through the remaining backorders. Some shipped out last night and the remaining will ship out tonight (Taiwan time). Again, we’re very sorry for the delay as we know everyone is very anxious to get their Framework Laptops.