Finding laptop insurance for FW13 (DIY Edition)

Has anyone found loss insurance for a FW13 DIY edition? I thought I had found it with Switched On Insurance, but they replied to my query saying no cover, ending with “…we are only able to cover devices that have been assembled by an authorised technician of the brand.”

Having seen some of the bad assembly of other brands, I’m thinking of being offended by that “authorised technician”!


After nearly losing my bag on a train yesterday, I really only need accidental loss–if I bend it, I’ll mend it myself :slight_smile:


There was another thread going on this topic. It’s sad to see that this is a common issue. I would check with your homeowner’s insurance and see if they have a personal item policy that would cover for loss or theft, even when outside the home.

Unless they are covering damage, similar to an extended warranty, I am baffled and more than a little annoyed to find out that insurance companies won’t insure items that were assembled or worked on by someone other than the original manufacturer. Especially something as basic as assembling a computer.

Note: If you aren’t a homeowner (obviously, many are not), I would check with those types of insurance companies and ask about personal item policies.

There’s general apartment/personal property insurance that you should be able to get. There might be a rider “electronics”, just make sure it covers computers, not just phones/tvs/etc. You probably can get it covered under that as a general personal property/electronics, rather than a completely separate “computer” insurance policy.

They sometimes even cover things stolen outside of your home as well, just double check all the fine print.