Fingerprint compatibility with Fedora

Hello all! The last time Linux-based OS fingerprint compatibility was discussed it was late 2021, and the threads that are there don’t give a full list of steps, so I wanted to ask, does anyone know how to get the fingerprint scanner working on Linux, and, if so, what are the steps for getting it working and adding fingerprints, specifically with Fedora, and in particular making it so the fingerprint can wake the computer?

When you use Fedora Gnome you just can add your fingerprints in the Account Settings. There are no extra steps, it just works


Hmm, I tried it with my right index finger, but it told me it couldn’t add it, so I uninstalled and reinstalled fprintd, but now after restarting my computer, fingerprints don’t show up under Settings > Users.

Thanks for this. I wasn’t sure how to do this but as you said, very simple and it just works.