Flash Drive Expansion Card (Alternative to Storage Expansion Card)

Note: I do not have a Framework laptop but I have been closely following everything about it since they first launched. Whenever I get a new laptop, it will be Framework for sure.

So, I saw the storage expansion cards and thought they were really cool. Also, they’re the fastest storage that can be realistically be fit into an expansion card (no sticking out) AFAIK. But, I heard about the issues with it disconnecting sometimes seemingly random with no clear fix since sometimes a kernel update fixes it etc. Because of that, I will likely not purchase one of these to use as a Windows Install for a Dual-Boot setup mainly because I feel that the issues make the price unjustified for my use, which is simply Windows if I ever run into a situation where I need it (if Wine doesn’t work) and using a VM can be a pain so I basically just want an install of Windows on a USB. I know how to do that already, there’s stuff that can make a Windows Install on a USB even though normally the installer won’t show USB devices. (I think Rufus can do it but I know I can do it somehow and I looked into it a few years ago.) I’m currently running Windows on my Desktop but I’m ready to switch to Linux and have been experimenting with some distros.

So while thinking about how I could Dual-Boot with 2 different drives (leaning towards 13 inch, which only has one NVMe) I don’t wanna spend to much on a potentially unreliable storage drive and found that my best option is like just a small USB C flash drive like this Samsung one:

Then I noticed the dimensions. It has a thicker part that makes it about 8 mm thick. But then I Google searched for “samsung usb c flash drive disassembly” and found a Reddit post where someone dropped their laptop with it plugged in and the pictures have it with the casing off:
It clearly looks like the thickness without the case will fit (less than about 5 mm to fit in an expansion card.) The width is about 16 mm so that fits, the length is like 33 mm but I think that includes it with the cap on the USB C port.

So I’m 99% sure this would be super easy, just print the expansion card, remove the flash drive from the case, and put it in there. (Of course I can edit the file and print a veraion that the drive fits into more snug, but I’ll start with one of the dongle hiding expansion card designs posted elsewhere on these forums.)

If/when I try to make this I will post an update. I just wanted to put this out there in a dedicated topic.

P.S. If anyone finds a faster drive that has USB C that would potentially fit in an expansion card (for example, removing the housing/casing to make it fit,) then please do post a link.

The kingston data traveler max is definitely faster than that Samsung but it’s probably too long to fit the expansion card, not sure how long the pcb on that one is.

Looks to be the case,

but I’m also not sure.