Some storage expansion card questions

So I have been hunting everywhere for a keychainable 2230 enclosure and had no luck. And every flash drive I look at has horrible write speeds past say 10gb or so.

I saw the framework storage card and it looks to be the perfect size for me. But I have a couple questions.

Specifically the 1TB model

How does the write speed hold up on sustained writes? As all the speed tests I see done are using the basic Crystal disk mark of 1gb. Im looking to use this to do image backups of computers and don’t want something that drops to 25MB/s writes after 10GB (Looking at you Luxe dual 512gb drive.) So if somebody has tested writing/copying 50-100gb+ I would love to know the results. Preferably on one that has the added cooling pad.

Is it USB 2 compatible with an adaptor? I know somebody mentioned using an A adaptor but I assume it was still a 3.x adaptor. Its rare but I sometimes would like to use it on servers with no usb 3.0

I get that I will have to fabricate a way to hook it to my keys.

And finally if you think I should be looking elsewhere at some other flash drive please point it out to me.

EDIT: Incase it matters I don’t have nor am planning on getting a framework soon. Were I in the market for a new laptop I would but I am not. Just looking for a quality but key chainable flash storage device.

I’ve attached a screenshot of CrystalDiskMark running its tests with a 64G test file. Hopefully that helps you. It gets very toasty, but I don’t notice performance drops when I’m copying large files under normal use.

I also tested the card with a USB 2 adapter and it read fine. I’ve attached the USB tree view output as well.

Hopefully this helps you.

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Thanks. That looks like exactly what I want then.

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The Storage expansion card is a USB3.2 natively so you will get a max of 480MB/s over USB2

Thats fine. I rarely expect it to be needed on usb 2.0 I just want the option. The small size and sustained writes on 3.2 is my bigger concern.

Thought you all might be interested in how I attached it to a keychain. The plastic bit came off of an old bracelet from some giveaway thing. You know the advertising ones. The string is some high strength, probably about 90 to 110 lb fish line.

Tomorrow at work I’ll add a dot of super glue to the knot.

The string is thin enough that it does not interfere with any USB-C ports that I tried it with.

3D printing would look prettier but I’m looking for as small as possible.