Flashing cursor when connected to docking station

When I use my laptop on its own, everything works perfectly. However, when I plug in my docking station (Dell WD19TBS) the cursor rapidly blinks on the laptop screen. It doesn’t blink on the external monitors connected to the dock, though. Anyone have an issue like this?

If it helps, I have a batch 3 12th gen, and I’m running Linux Mint.

Can you disable PSR and see if it makes any difference?

kernel parameter ‘i915.enable_psr=0’

That doesn’t appear to have fixed it.

To be clear, I added ‘i915.enable_psr=0’ to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="" line of /etc/default/grub. Then, ran sudo update-grub and rebooted. I assume that’s what you meant (I’m pretty new to linux).

Yeah. Sample:

Will have to see what others recommend.

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