FN lock with arrow keys

I’m on a 12th gen model; are the alternate arrow key bindings (home/end/pg up/down) meant to work when using FN Lock? for me (Fedora36KDE) i have to hold FN to use these.

for sites that infinite-scroll browsing, having a single key to page up/down is highly desirable.

Original post deleted, sorry I misread your question. My original post does not address using the home/end/pg up/down with a single key

Edit: I should also add that I am using an external wireless keyboard which allows the use of those keys with a single press. The framework keyboard is space limited unfortunately.

yeah i’m using a keyboard when at a desk which obviously has dedicated pg up/down. but if i’m away from the desk then its typically used as a laptop.

just seems like it’s a bug (UEFI update fixable?) when fn+arrow works, but fnlock+arrows don’t.

It is intentional that the arrow keys are not impacted by Fn Lock.

There is a small handful of keys that are not lockable:

  • Del cannot be locked as Ins
  • K cannot be locked as Scroll Lock
  • B cannot be locked as Ctrl+Break
  • P cannot be locked as Pause
  • The arrow keys cannot be locked as page up/down/home/end

All other function-labelled keys are locked.

This implementation prioritizes usability for people who want to keep Fn Lock enabled at all times.


thanks for the clarification and why it functions the way it does!

Good to know about the other key mappings which i was also unaware of; I’m definately noting these down somewhere for future use. :slight_smile:


You can still modify it in the EC if you wish

Looks like @DHowett has you taken care of here @vhx. :slight_smile: