For those in Canada, what PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD are you using with your Framework laptop?

I’m on the SN850…but it’s not really battery friendly.

I want to give the Hynic Platinum p41 a try…but it doesn’t seem to be available here.

So, what other SSDs are people using?

Not available here in Germany either, that’s why I went with the SN850 aswell.

Maybe check if the power saving states for the SSD are configured correctly.

Crucial P5 Plus 2TB,you can get it off for around $299 on sale.

Currently CAD$ 295 plus tax on

But Tom’s Hardware says it’s not energy efficient:

Good for plugged-in use cases though.

I use mostly plugged in, but I get ~6.5-7 hours on Windows 11.

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A Samsung 980 Pro 1TB that I picked up when a major brick-and-mortar retailer had them on sale.

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What kind of battery life are you getting on a typical day? Or has it been something that doesn’t bother you enough to look into?

It spends most of its life tethered to a power outlet; haven’t examined battery life in detail, I’m afraid.