Forum (and maybe contests) specifically for reuse of parts?

Now that there are a lot of smaller upgrade options becoming available, I’d love to see a whole forum for reuse plans and projects for the old parts. Someone here has asked if there are plans available for reusing the speakers when you upgrade to the loud enough ones. That kind of thing. Even posting “I needed this kind of resistive hinge for my X so I used one from Framework” kind of things would be cool.

On top of that, it would be great to run contests for this, the way they did with the case switch design. I can imagine a lot if interest in this here, as well as on LTT forums, and places like Adafruit as well, where there are lots of electronics tinkerers happy to find odd but consistent, well-made parts, and build cool and unexpected things out of them. A contest, or just an ongoing thread, for each of the parts you can take out, would be a great resource as the laptops get upgraded over the years. And maybe someone will build a small business around repurposing one or another of the (pre-owned) parts, as well.

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I’m confused as to what you mean. Do you mean a whole separate forum website? The Creators and Developers category you posted to would be the correct place to post these kinds of threads.


This may not be exactly what OP meant, but extra categories in the Creators & Developers section for the “Expansion Bay” and “Input Module” would be nice since there is already discussion starting on what people could start making for each of these new interfaces.

As for the “reuse of parts” I would agree that posts in that vein could just go in the main “creators & developers” topic.


Yes, a sub-forum like the one that collects everything about reuse of the motherboard, but for collecting topics on reuse of other parts. They needn’t have an extra section per part like the motherboard, which is a much bigger subject, but separating out this topic - ways to reuse the parts extracted from upgraded laptops - would be useful, in that it would de-clutter the rest of the forum, and provide an easy place to see such topics. And having it separated out with its own heading or sub-forum would encourage people to think about and participate in such discussions.

looks like we have new forum sections! #framework-laptop-16, #developer-program:input-module and #developer-program:expansion-bay

(The #framework-laptop section has been specified to just the 13" model)