Framework 13 AMD eGPU Nvidia

I know Framework said that the USB 4.0 are nearly identical to Thunderbolt 4 on their AMD 13 Laptops but they are not officially certified by Intel. I also know that pretty much no one has their hands on the AMD 13 laptops yet, but for the small number of you that do (devs, reviewers, or youtubers), can someone answer whether or not my Razer Core X Chroma eGPU with a 3080 Ti would work with the AMD 13 laptop? I love AMD but want the portability of a 13-inch laptop when traveling but also want to game at home. I’d rather not lug around a 16-inch… Any insights anyone can share would be appreciated.


I do like the idea that Framework 13 do have Nvidia.

Been playing with the Core X Chroma and my AMD Framework 13 for a few months now on my Samsung Odyssey G70NC. It’s working like a dream. I got the portability i’m looking for and I can game when I want to at home with zero compromises.

How did you manage to install nVidia drivers within the native AMD iGPU drivers installed and make it work? I am thinking of doing the same as you (using Windows) but really afraid of this compatibility problem.

It’s been a while so I don’t remember the step exactly. I think I installed the 3080 TI into the Core X Chroma and hooked up my monitor to the eGPU. Then I hooked my eGPU onto my Framework using a USB C cable. Also want to call out that I installed my USB C expansion cards to the rear of either side of my Framework. I think I then went to Nvidia’s official site and found the 3080 TI driver and installed it Download The Latest Official GeForce Drivers. If successful, you may need to tweak your resolution in the display settings. Again, it’s been about 6 months so hard to remember the order in how I did it. I just remember that installing the Nvidia driver was key and that I did have some issues for a while (had to restart every now and again because the Framework didn’t pick up the eGPU being connected) but they all eventually went away and now everything is working great.